Updating aTV -- Reinstall Extras????

I’ve asked this question before but did not get an answer. If I upgrade my aTV installation to the latest version, will I have to reinstall/redo the various extras like external hard drive support and flash support? What about my folder hierarchy for movies, etc.? Any answers would be greatly appreciated.



Nobody knows the answer to this question? Seems like an easy one.

Yes, updating the software will wipe out the aTV Flash. Currently not all the plugins are compatible with the 2.2 software that was released on 10/2.

Take a look at:

Sorry, maybe I didn’t explain it right. I’m not interested in updating the Apple TV software (from Cupertino) right now. Rather, I am interested in upgrading to the newest version of aTV Flash created by Apple Core. I am assume that the extras are wiped out by this type of installation as well?


Ok. If you simply install a newer version of aTV Flash, you will NOT need to reinstall the extras you have installed (e.g. USB drive support)