Updating Apple TV to 4.4.3

I successfully did my jailbreak and all was well until I tried to update myATV to 4.4.3.

It got to the end and now I’m stuck with the ATV flashing slowly and nothing else.

I’ve connected it to my MacBookPro via mini-usb and iTunes doesn’t find it to try a restore.

Any ideas on how to cure this please?     Thanks.

You cannot (as you avhe found) successfully run a software update on a JailBroken ATV2.

To recover you are going to have to go through the steps to get the ATV2 into DFU mode as though you were about to jailbreak.   When you have done that it should be seen by iTunes.  At that point you have to decide whether to restore standard Apple firmware or jailbroken firmware.   One would assume that it would probably be the jailbroken software but the decision is yours.

Thanks for that.   The joys of being naive about jailbroken things…

Seas0nPass was updated this morning to support a tethered jailbreak of AppleTV 4.4.3.

Details on jailbreaking this new version can be found here.

Thanks James.