Updates messed up metadatas


I use a Synology for my collection, connected on smb.

Apparently, the last 2 updates messed up w/ my metadatas on my iPad. Had to reconfigure a few tv shows and movies manually.

Didn’t see any problems on the atv, though.


PS: iOS 11.2, iPad Pro 9.7”

Can you provide a bit more info about what you are seeing?

Are you using Infuse Pro? If so, metadata changes will sync via iCloud between devices.

I’m using Pro with iCloud syncing deactivated. (Don’t necessarily need the same folders on atv and iPad).
Series that had older creations (e.g castle) were reset with metadatas from the older show (for castle 2009, metadatas were automatically reset to castle 2003)
Had a few tv shows and movies with the same problem. And as I said before, it only happened on iOS.

The real benefit of iCloud syncing is that changes made on one device, will automatically sync over to other devices. Turning it off means that if you used the Edit option on your Apple TV to select the correct series, that change would not sync over to iOS.

We recommend leaving iCloud Sync enabled, unless you are connecting to different streaming sources on different devices (for example if you had one Apple TV at your main home, and a second at a vacation house you would probably want to turn off iCloud Sync on one of the devices).

More info on how this works can be found here.

I understand how the syncing works.
And since I chose to deactivate it, that doesn’t answer the issue at hand.
I mean, before 5.6.3 or 5.6.4, it worked perfectly.
Thanks for your time.

Did you add these videos recently or are you saying they appear correctly on your device, and then updating changed how they appear?

In general, once Infuse fetches info for videos those details are saved on your device forever - or until the videos are deleted or the app is removed.

Also, if you are able to provide a bit more info (or a screenshot) of the issue you are seeing it would help.

The update changed how they appear. Most of the videos that were modified had been on the NAS for a few years now.

Unfortunately, too late for that. The change to put things back the way they were seems to hold up.

I guess I’m just not understanding the issue you are describing.

A new design for iOS was introduced in 5.6, is that what you are seeing? This would apply to all areas of Infuse.

No, the design is fine.

It really is the metadatas the problem.

For Castle (2009) tv show, the datas were correct for the last few months. The synopsis of the episodes were the right ones. Since 5.6.3 or 5.6.4, the datas were wrong. They showed the synopsis for Castle (2003), which is a documentary.

I see. Can you try using the Edit option to select the correct title manually?

More info on this can be found here.

Yes, already did