Updates for yearly subscriptions

I’m on annual subscription which means automatically updates. Why did I have to go to the Apple store and manually tell it to update the 6.4.2 after waiting 5 days for the update?

That’s controlled by a setting in the iOS or tvOS settings under app store I believe. Int the tvOS it’s under the “Apps” settings. You have to turn on auto updates there. As long as you maintain your subscription you will then get the updates. :slight_smile:

I’ve been on yearly subscription for 2 years and never missed an update.
I was wondering why the last one was manual while you are still saying infuse will update automatically?

First, the 6.4.2 was a very specifically targeted release it’s one purpose was to fix a situation where some users were experiencing crashing when trying to launch 6.4.1. If you weren’t in that group then you really don’t need the 6.4.2 update.

Did you check your ATV or iOS device settings for allowing automatic updates?

Also, Apple may have delayed some of the updates due to some recent issues with downloaded updates.

As long as you have the device settings set to auto update and you maintain your subscription you should get updates applied automatically.

The 6.4.2 was released as a quick update to address a specific crash when opening the app.

While we were fairly confident in the fix, we ended up releasing 6.4.2 as a ‘phased release’ to confirm there were no side effects from the fix. This means it’s rolled out slowly to all users over a 7 day period. However, you can always install an update manually with a phased release.

Normally we do not do phased releases, so this will not be an issue with most updates.

The update 6.4.3 did not auto update. I had to do it manually again. I still have one tv on 6.4.1 waiting to update. Having to go and check if the manual update is available is very irritating.

If this is an Apple TV issue you should inform them Of this.
I did but talking to Apple is like talking to the wall. Their products are perfect and we’re so lucking to have them is the attitude I get from them.

Apple doesn’t say what the normal time frame is for auto-updates, though I would guess it’s perhaps 1-3 days. I suppose there can be some variance here on when a particular update hits your particular region (Apple says it can take up to 24hrs for updates to appear in all regions).

If you haven’t updated your other Apple TV manually yet, can you check to see if it has auto-updated on its own?

Yes, today it finally updated.
Atv showed that an update was available On day one and it wasn’t updating, guess I was impatient because the update was fixing another issue I was having.
Everything is working fine today so I’m back to being a happy customer.

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