Updated to 4.4.3

Hello, I just purchased aTV Flash (black).  Excitedly, I read the instructions for the installation process.  The pre-install instructions stated to update aTV, which I did.  I then followed the Windows process and received the message that I need to Jailbreak the aTV.  Downloaded Seas0nPass and read the instructions…and that currently Seas0nPass does not work on 4.4.3. Any idea when the Jailbreak option will be available for 4.4.3?  Thanks IV  

Same here! Please let me know when I can expect a JB for the newest software 4.4.3. Thanks very much.


Here I’m wondering (wanting) the same. A cool unthetered JB for the 4.4.3 update please. I was happy in the 4.3 but this update has something I really would like to use.


Thank you guys.

You can still use the current SeasonPass to JB to 4.3 (untethered) or 4.4.2 firmware (tethered).     I suspect that a SeasonPass update to support 4.4.3 in tethered mode is likely to appear soon as long as Apple have not closed the current loophole being used for the 4.4.2 one. 

I would not hold my breath for an untethered jailbreak to appear soon :(  That version of iOS seems to have proved difficult to produced an untethered JB for on othe iOS devices so it is likely the ATV2 whas the same issues.   I would like to be proved wrong though :slight_smile:

EDIT:  Just noticed that this thread seems to be in the ATV1 section of the forum for some reason!

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I originally posted in the ATV1 in error.  I realized it and edited.  I am needing info for ATV2…4.4.3…

Excuse my elementary knowledge on JB’ing…but what does tethered and untethered mean. 


Tethered means that the ATV2 needs to be connected via USB to your PC/Mac to complete the boot any time the system loses power or does a hard reboot. Untethered means that the ATV2 can boot without the need to connect it via USB to complete the boot.

WOW! We just were talking about support for 4.3.3 and today we have it. Although I appreciate the effort, that teathered stuff is a big issue for me. I will have to wait… (a lot seems).

Thank you