Updated Mediaplayer: increased buffering

I dont know if this is just me, or my network, but I have noticed that since the last Mediaplayer update, I am getting more buffering on video viewing than I ever had (usually only at the beginning of a movie or TV episode). Yesterday, I even had it buffering only 10 minutes into the show. It became so annoying I switched to airplaying via Plex on my iPhone.

I dont get any errors, just the buffering. Even restarting the AppleTV does not fix it.

I’m seriously wanting to downgrade to an earlier firmware and atv flash.

Most of the time when I have seen this sort of symptom it is worth rebooting all your network hardware.  This seems to fix the issue for me.

Sorry I didnt get back after trying your suggestion and thank you, it worked. All good. I still get some unwanted buffering at times but the extremes have settled. Thank you.