Updated Infuse: "Stephen King's It" bounced out to "Other", can't fix

After the recent updates to Infuse Pro, the TV movie “Stephen King’s It” (not the new movie) for some reason was bounced out of my Movies folder and into the irksome “Other” folder, which is now the only title I have in that folder, so it bothers me that it sticks out.

While technically the film was a TV movie, it’s still available on Blu-ray as a movie and I would like to categorize it as such, but when I go to Edit the metadata, “Stephen King’s It” no longer appears in the list of possible titles, so I’m not able to categorize it as a movie (or a TV show, for that matter.)

What are my options?

Since themoviedb (which is the basis for movie info for Infuse) only has it as a tv show I think you can only have it show as a movie if you create your own xml (see Metadata 101 – Firecore and Inception).

To have it show as episode one of the tv mini series you could add s01e01 to the file name. Not really optimal but at least it would be out of other and have the right cover.

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Seems that TheMovieDB deleted the 1990 entry for it. I’m looking into why and if we can get it back.

I’ll get back as soon as I get a response.

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Thanks, appreciate the followup if you hear back from TheMovieDB!

I had the same problem. After investigating I found out it was removed because it is a mini-series and therefore classed as a tv Show. The Movie Database recently went through and changed all their miniseries - removing them as movies. I use an xml for this title now.

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Well, the gang over at themoviedb is pretty set in their ways. They will not replace the info since they now “only support one version of a movie/series and in this case it means that we stick with the TV-entry”.

Your options are now to either create your own xml file or list it with a file name including S01E01 and use the TV info for episode one for the whole movie.

Sorry, I had it entered and working as a movie with the right info for the 1990 version for a while but when the wind changes so does technology. Maybe the wind will come back around. :wink:

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Thanks again for checking with them and reporting back.

jedgarau, would you mind sharing your .XML file for this title so others can use it?


Sure, see attached.
won’t let me upload xml but just change the .txt extension to .xml

it_1990.txt (1.64 KB)

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Appreciate that, jedgarau. Worked like a charm!

Just wanted to update this thread, it appears that themoviedb.com has reconsidered their stance on this one and has re-added it to the movies as a movie and not a two part tv series.

I just tried it on my library and it comes up as a 1990 movie with all metadata and pics.

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I appreciate the followup, thank you!