Updated and lost everything

Just updated to latest version of ATV Flash and then updated apple TV software. I get nothing now. No menus come up after initial initialization. Looks like external usb drive is now wiped clean.

If you update the AppleTV using the update software option using Apple’s update process, then you WILL lose all the extra functionality that ATVFlash enables. If you wish to update the AppleTV, then you would want to do that first, then use ATVFlash again in order to restore the hacks.

There isn’t much reason to update using Apple’s update unless there is a feature in the new firmware that you don’t have and really want.

To address your other concern, your drive should still have all of the data on it, but since you disabled the USB port by updating the firmware, it will not be recognized. Once you repatch using ATVFlash and run the Smart Installer again, you should then be able to switch the storage to external and your media will be available.

Thanks for you reply. That is what I did. I first updated to the newest version of ATV Flash and then updated the software for the Apple Tv. When I did that, after the initial screens, I do not see any menus. I even tried doing a new install of ATV Flash using the newest version. Nothing worked. Looked at the directory of the usb drive I had connected to the apple tv and noticed that all the movies that I had there were gone. In the movies folder, I have a few older movies that I had deleted. Don’t know what the problem is, but the only way I could get anything to work was to doing a reset of the apple tv while it was initializing and then start all over again. Don’t know if I will install ATV Flash again. Might just wait for Boxee to come out with their unit and see if that is any easier to use.

Were you using an external drive for iTunes syncing?

I made the mistake of updating to ATVFlash 4.1 last night… my ATV was working great with 3.0.1 and somehow I knew I should have left well enough alone, but I went ahead and updated and ran the 4.1 ATVFlash. After having to restore on the previous update, I made sure to wipe any trace of the old ATVFlash and reformatted my USB stick as usual, but alas, I was left with no choice but to restore my ATV yet again and start all over.

Lesson learned: Now that everything is back to normal (almost… iTunes is still syncing even after working away all night!), I won’t be touching another ATVFlash update unless there’s a mighty big, feature-laden update from Apple. Otherwise, it works great for what I need…

Yes I was. If I reinstall, should I not move the itunes library to the external drive? I just want to try to figure out what I did wrong so I don’t repeat it again.

to update to the latest ATVFlash there is no reason to have to apply your patchstick. I am still on ATV 3.0 version and from the maintenance menu you can just run the latest ATVFlash update from there. Simple enough.

As far as the other issue you can’t run the ATVFlash update first and then run the ATV update. The ATV update overrides everything. You run that first then apply the ATVFlash through the USB patchstick since your ATV will be restored back to ATV standards…

I have never had any issues with ATV 3.0 and haven’t seen any reason to upgrade the firmware. I just keep updating the ATVFlash stuff through their menus when available…

P.S. Thanks for the beta of Overflow and the ease of updating the Crystal HD drivers. So much easier and better looking without all those menus everywhere consolidated into one.

Keep up the good work!

There’s obvious confusion out there. I’m not the only one that assumed that when aTV Flash said that it’s latest version (4.1) was compatible with ATV 3.02 it would allow the ATV 3.02 update to happen somehow without having to reinstall via patchstick. Some more clear instructions should be out there. That’s what we’re paying for right?

A guide for installing and updating can be seen here:

Ah thanks. I wish I had read that before I updated. Perhaps adding some text in the actual application as well? :slight_smile:

i have never managed to update a version of apple tv with out losing everything and having to resync all over again tbh I think this software stinks. th latest update has killed my atv yet again so factory restore and then three days of syncing my media agian - is there a tutorial on how to get a refund!!! :evil:

I bought this software to avoid these issues I am seriously fed up with the whole thing

If you are updating the AppleTV software and are using an external drive as primary storage you first need to revert to internal storage.

yeah thanks for the tip cos i had never bothered following the guides


And that is an “excellent” trouble description, NOT!

How do you expect anyone to help you with that kind of description?

We are not mind-readers, and nor do we have a secret back-door into your specific setup, so please describe what you did in details and what went wrong if you expect any help…

Installed Apple’s newest update and then did the aTV Flash update/install. Now on top of losing all of my Sapphire imports it also resets the finder when attemping to reimport my files. I’ve reinstalled aTV from the memory stick multiple times now but it’s still the same. I too should have left well enough alone. :o

Are you files stored on the internal or external drive?

And that is an “excellent” trouble description, NOT!

How do you expect anyone to help you with that kind of description?

We are not mind-readers, and nor do we have a secret back-door into your specific setup, so please describe what you did in details and what went wrong if you expect any help…[/quote]

ah yes so far when i have posted a request for help this is just about as far as it gets cheers as ever


but thanks for the input as ever the best money I have spent

so how do i get my funds back on a system that does not do what it says on the tin

Are you files stored on the internal or external drive?[/quote]

Set to internal, but I stream everything from 2 network drives.

Yesterday I factory reset my Apple TV, updated the Apple TV software first, then I reinstalled the latest version of aTV Flash on a different flash drive than I used to install it the last time. Sapphire will run import once, freeze, I reset by pulling the power. I can see what I believe to be all of my files (though I may be missing some, too many to be sure), and they play. Any subsequent attempts to import will result in the Apple TV rebooting the finder. Also Boxee will freeze and quit, more often then what I am accustomed to at least.

I don’t care but maybe this will help troubleshoot: the sound to the opening Apple TV movie is muted.

If you’re still having trouble setting up or using any features please send an email here: http://www.atvflash.com/contact.php

Boxee tends to have issues when accessing media of network shares. This issue was present in the alpha version and unfortunately has not improved in the beta.