Update to new jail broken version of OS. Backup help please.


Slightly n00b question…

I currently have a seas0npass jail broken atv2 running OS 4.3. This is the first jailbreak of atv I have done and it all went smoothly. I also installed XBMC and have been loving the ability to stream video from my NAS to my TV.

Now obviously Apple just release atv 4.4. I am holding off the upgrade until there is a jail break for it as I don’t want to lose out on my XBMC functionality. Seeing as I have never upgraded a jailbreak setup before my question is if, when 4.4 is available, I install the new version of the jail broken atv OS will this overwrite and obliterate my XBMC install? If so then is it possible to back up XBMC so I don’t have to set it up from scratch again?

Apologies that this is slightly off topic as it is more directed at XBMC but I assume many others around here would have faced the same problem in the past and so I’m sure one of you nice folks will be able to point me in the direction of the solution.

Thanks in advance for any help.

There is a backup option on the FireCore maintenance menu that can backup settings and then restore them after you re-jailbreak.  If you do not have the FireCore software then I do not think there is any simple way of saving settings across a jailbreak.