Update to aTV Flash (3.6.4) - Format?

The new 3.6.4 format all my movies in AppleTV, or only update system?
Thanks for info.

Installing the new 3.6.4 version will only update the aTV Flash software. Updating will not affect your synced media or settings.

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It will be nice if you can post which are the steps needed for those of us that are upgrading.
In my case, after upgrading, the applications that are suppose to be still there (like Firefox, Google earth) disappeared from the Application Menu (within NitoTV). In fact I cannot enter that Application menu !

Is that normal? Besides upgrading, what other steps should I take?



I would like to know how as well. It might seem like a dumb question but there are some of us out here how haven’t got all the knowledge about this sort of thing.
Do we just download the update and stick the flash-drive in the rear of ATV or what, or do we have to go through the whole set-up again???

Yes, updating is done in the same way as the original installation. Only the aTV Flash software will be updated, and your synced media and settings will remain intact.

In my case, after updating I found a number of problems. First XBMC/Boxee and stop working. I was able to fix this by installing them again.

However after updating applications like Hotspot, Mozilla Firefox, VLC, Google earth disappeared from NitoTV/Applications. These apps appear in Maintenance/Install Extras as already installed and I cannot reinstall them.

I have no idea how to recover this already installed apps and make them appear in NitoTV/Applications!! Alternative I need to know how to uninstall them so I can reinstall each one again. Or my only alternative is to start from ground zero, and loose all my settings and files?

please help!



As someone who has purchased ATV Flash recently, I received a notice about 3.6.4 telling me I could download the update free at the ATV Flash site. I went to the site, opened “My Account,” and could not figure out how to download the update. In any event, if this update does not resolve some of the problems I have, I think I will uninstall ATV Flash. Problems (1) My Apple TV crashes frequently for no apparent reason when I am I using the ATV Flash components. (2) The picture on my TV stutters frequently when I am playing something on the ATV Flash components. Stutters = the picture hangs, and then resumes a second or two later, creating a jittery effect. I have to reboot ATV to get rid of the problem, but the problem comes back quickly enough. (3) If I try to rewind something I am watching on the ATV Flash components, my Apple TV crashes. (4) There is no way to resume watching at a point where I left off. I have to start again from the beginning and fast forward to my spot. God help me if I go beyond my spot because if I try to rewind, my Apple TV crashes.

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