Update to 2.3

I am running with 2.2 I have even set up so I can see in Finder AppleTv and the hard drive attached to it. So what should I do? If I first update to 2.3, will I loose everything? Which are thr right steps? First Atvflash and then update ATV or the other way? Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Enable updates for the AppleTV, update to AppleTV 2.3, and then run the aTV Flash 3.4 patch. If you do not want to redo the work you have previously done then do not do the AppleTV 2.3 update. Unfortunately we can not stop Apple from releasing updates that so get rid of all System settings, just not the music or videos on the box.

Thanks a lot. The only thing that I am afraid of is to redo the work for seeing the Atv in finder. It drove me crazy then and it will still do now. Thanks again.