Update not possible


Yesterday I went to my dad to bring his Infuse to the newest state. It was still on version 5.9.x. But the update failed after 75% of the uptdate process. A message came up with an error that the update isn’t possible at this time and I should try it later again. Now the Infuse app icon is in dark gray but it is still working. Any one an idea what the problem is?


That’s usually the notice you get when the Apple update servers are having issues or undergoing updates themselves.

Were you trying to update to the latest version 5 or were you installing the new version 6?

Reboot the device. If that doesn’t work delete it and reinstall.

I would have assumed to update it to the latest 6.2.x version. Like I did on my device a few weeks ago. I also came from version 5.9.x.
I’ll try it again on my next dad visit.

I’m pretty sure that version 6 is a paid update from version 5.X. You can update version 5 up to 5.9.6 at no cost but to go to the major version 6 upgrade there’s a charge. In order to get to version 6 you’ll have to DL a new program, there’s not an update path from 5 to 6.

You can either purchase the pro version 6 for a set cost and it’s good for all updates up to but not including version 7 or you can do a subscription to version 6 to get the pro features and as long as your subscription is active you’ll get all updates at no additional charge including major ones like 7, 8, etc. There’s a great option in the subscriptions for a lifetime subscription and that’s a one time pay and then you’ll get all upgrades to Infuse at no additional cost for the lifetime of the product. I prefer that one since I don’t have to worry about a subscription lapsing.

You can read about the options to purchase Infuse here Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing

It turned out that tvOS 11.x is still installed on the device and Infuse 6.2 seems to require at least tvOS 12. But I could update it to 6.1.4 for now.

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