Update Music (iTunes) Play Counts

I feel like I probably know the answer to this will be a “No”, but would my Music (iTunes) play counts be updated if I played those files through Infuse?

The scenario would have me sometimes playing my music library through my laptop (and just using the “Music” app), and then other times playing through the Infuse app on my Apple TV and HomePod speakers.

I’m asking would the play counts reflect the total plays regardless of where they are being played?

Is this possible at all?

Nope. Infuse doesn’t support music playback as a traditional music player. Why not just use the music app on your phone and then use airplay to broadcast to your AppleTV/HomePod?

Thanks mate.

The reason I don’t wish to do that is because my music library is locally stored on SSD and I was thinking I could move that off to a SMB NAS and then my laptop does not need to be turned on to play through Infuse.

Adding a SMB to Infuse that simply contains my music would work (right? I actually haven’t tried that) but without the play counts syncing it would not work for my needs.

I’m not if you care about quality but you could use iTunes Match streaming and store the backup of your music on your NAS.

What file format are you using? If it’s not a video container file type then Infuse won’t recognize it as a playable file.

That’s what I ended up doing. Outside of Apple Music there are t any real great music clients available. Plex sort of does music. None of the third party clients modify the listen count within Apple Music/iTunes.

Heck no!! Apple Music and that Match feature they brought out is riddled with issues. There’s no way I’m allowing Apple to “decide” what music I have in my collection and then wipe songs willy nilly. This is my library I’ve been building since 1996!

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Oh wow. I was not aware of that. I just assumed music was a feature of Infuse. Damn I just paid the $80 lifetime upgrade too!! Arghhh!! So I guess I am stuck using the Home Sharing feature of the Apple TV itself? I wonder if that can pull from a SMB NAS instead of having to have my laptop on permanently?

No you can’t. To be honest if you want a private music collection Apple is not the way to go. You’d have better experience using something like sonos or some sort of android/Linux powered media solution.

Have you tried VLC? I know I’ve played files from my NAS and it’d not cost you a thing to try it.

My library is that old too but other than artwork not always showing up on my iPhone I have no problems with iTunes Match. Works great and now I have music on all my devices. Had 0 issues with music getting deleted or playlists being edited. I cannot speak if you use that in conjunction with Apple Music.

Been there, tried that.

VLC’s AppleTV Client has a LONGSTANDING bug (since at least 2019! It’s now August 2022), where it “Forgets” SMB Logins(!!!)

So, if you don’t mind re-logging in Manually to your NAS’ SMB Shares Every. Single. Time., VLC is just great!