Update Metadata for whole TV Show Season

Hi, how can I update the Metadata for a whole Season of a TV Show. I got new fileversions (different resolution and different audio). How can I update those infos in Infuse? If I click the edit button on a episode, I just updates this episode, but I don’t want to do this for about 50 files.

You might try long pressing on the season folder from the files browser and selecting “Use Local Metadata”. After it erases all the metadata, revert back to “Use Online Metadata”.

Whether this will actually cause a rescan of all the files to determine their resolution and video and audio codecs I’m not sure. You might need to hover over each one on the details page.

Or you can try renaming the files (append the upgraded resolution of audio codec to the filenames)?

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This is what I would do, great advice, if you drop into the folder where the files are and name them in a consistent way so they all match then when you fix the metadata for one of those files the entire lot should snap into one Season’s area on the the Infuse end.

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