Update library does not update resolution/audio information when file is 'upgraded'

In my testing, I found several instances in my media collection where I had an old file (say standard definition, stereo sound) and an improved file (HD, surround sound).

I made these discoveries after my initial Infuse library scan, so Infuse found all the older files (perfectly, and as expected).

Once I discovered my improved files, I simply renamed the ‘new’ files the same as the old and overwrote the old files.

Subsequent invocations of ‘Scan for Changes’ did NOT update the resolution/audio information for these files. Going to an individual file and executing the ‘Edit Metadata’ command did update the information.

I guess I’m wondering what ‘Scan for Changes’ does, especially in comparison to ‘Refresh Metadata’ when executing those commands from the Library settings?


I think you should have done the “Scan for Changes” before you started changing names. Scan for changes looks for name changes and that would have updated the details I believe. Now the names are the same so as far as Infuse can tell it’s no different than the old file.

Refresh Metadata I believe will scan each file for new info. This will also take much longer than the “Scan for Changes”.

I’ve also been dealing with this. Actually not even the refresh metadata option will work in this case. My solution has been to switch from the online metadata to the offline metadata option for a specific title and then to switch back to the correct tmdb entry. This way Infuse will update resolution and codecs. Hope this helps!