Update 'Installation Instructions' to explain SWITCH OFF!

It might be a small thing, but in the instruction manual bundled with the files, once you have successfully placed the boot files onto a USB stick, you move onto part II and the instructions state ‘Switch off Apple TV’.

I read my Apple TV guide backwards and forwards 3 times, went on line and looked up ‘Switching off an Apple TV’ and frankly it cannot be done, so your guide really should reflect this.

I realise you are trying to avoid ‘pull the plug on the unit’ as that could lead to someone accidentally killing their unit, but it’s the truth.

There is STANDBY and no OFF option, so it’s an erroneous step in your guide. So out of interest, am I really meant to just yank the plug out of the socket? If so, is this really advisable?

This is a reply to someone who E-mailed me about this same issue.


Thanks for the reply. So, has anyone considered the potential for damage to the unit by simply cutting the power? I’m thinking about what happens to HDD for example.

"The following are examples of problems which can occur on most drives when
power is removed at an arbitrary time:

  • Data is lost from the write buffer.
  • If the drive is writing a sector, a partially written sector with an
    incorrect ECC block results, the sector contents are destroyed, and reading
    that sector results in a hard error.
  • Heads may land in the data zone instead of the landing zone depending on
    the design of the drive."


Makes for stark review! Not impressed with Apple for not offering a power down option in their system.