Update Infuse

How do i update to the latest Infuse on my Apple TV?

There is no update option in any of the menus.

Go to the “Maintainence” app and look for Infuse in the “Install software” tab, click on it and Update/Install.


I can assume you haven’t actually done this as you would know it doesn’t update to the latest version?

Well it does for me … What version iOS is you ATV running and what is your current version of Infuse that you are trying to upgrade from?

thanks for commeting

i have OS 5.3 installed and the verison of infuse is 2.3-442.

The reason i am trying to update is because of the new airplay feature releaed in the new version?



Isn’t AirPlay a facility in Infuse for iOS version 1.3 which is for iPhones/iPads.

You already have the latest version of Infuse for ATV installed on your ATV.

I must admit it can be confusing because both products are called Infuse :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply, makes sense now. I don’t understand the point if infuse on a iPhone or iPad Nd not for a normal MacBook?