Update from Infuse Pro 4.3.6

I purchased Infuse 4.3.6 and have used if for over a year. My question is whether you can update this to Infuse 5 or if this requires a purchase. Also, please let help me understand what is different between Infuse 4 and Infuse 5.

You can do 30 day free trial of infuse 5 pro (got 5 first myself and then did it from there). $7 per year, but well worth it for 4k UHD stuff. Pretty sure you get it on up to five devices. Perhaps you should just do the 30 day trial and see for yourself? Using it right now on new ipad pro 10.5 and its great. My 4k Apple tv is on the way courtesy of direct tv now which is giving them away for free if you prepay for four months ($140). Crazy deal when you consider net price plus you get their service for over 4 months.

Infuse 5 is a new app released in November 2016, and is a separate purchase.

A complete list of what’s been added in v5 can be found here.

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