Update from 4.4.4 to 5.2

Hi guys,

Just new on the forum here and thought i’d pick your brains on a question.

I Jailbroke my aTV2 about a year and a half ago…all going well.

I’m on 4.4.4 and want to upgrade to the latest untethered JB which I assume is 5.2.

When I go into Maintenance and then Manage Backups on my aTV2 and select Backup My Firmware, the Saved Signatures show up below…iOS 4.4.4 iOS 5.0 iOS 5.0.2 iOS 5.0r1 iOS 5.1 iOS 5.2. (These Saved Signatures are greyed out though…does that matter?)

Can I get on to 5.2 by right-clicking the ipsw button in Seas0npass or will it try to update me to the 5.3 tethered version which I don’t really want.


Would be grateful if someone cold talk me through the process.





Right click on the IPSW software versions for which you think you have signatures saved.

When you right click the IPSW icon Seasonpass checks for saved signatures.  If there ARE saved signatures for those versions you mentioned, Seasonpass will begin the IPSW creation process.  If there are none, you will get the message that your ATV is ineligible for the selected version.

At that point, your only choices would be to remain at 4.4.4 or upgrade to 5.3 which is tethered.  Not really much of a choice.  

Let us know what you find!

Many thanks for the reply.


The update worked seamlesly. Only thing was when putting into dfu mode i had to connect the POWER cable as well as the USB. 

So updated to 5.2 and reinstalled aTV2 Flash and all my other add ons from there.

Really like the Bluetooth keyboard functionality…was a pain in the ass inputting using the apple remote.