Update from 2.1 to 2.2..NOT 2.3?

I am having the Hard Drive on my ATV replaced with a 250GB drive. I believe it will come back clean with 2.1 firmware on it. Is there any way I can update it to 2.2 instead of 2.3? I suppose if I trigger the update normally, it will update to the latest , i.e., 2.3, firmware.

I think there are two ways to do it.

  1. Edit the Software Update plist file to point to a Mac OS X Server machine with Software Update Server turned on.


  1. Use this method to put a specific AppleTV version in the Restore image and restore the AppleTV.


Can you provide more details (or a link) on how to do the first method?


Okay so I looked into it a little and I think you should be able to do it with any Mac or even a PC with a web server installed. Let me work it out myself and try it on my own AppleTV and I’ll get back to this thread.

Can you provide more details (or a link) on how to do the first method?


Have you had any luck in getting the first method to work?


I tried setting up a web server on my Mac and I was having some problems. My fear is that the version.xml file points not only to the DMG download, but other files for the IR port and other AppleTV hardware updates. Let me ask some of the other aTV Flash people and see if they know more about the inner workings of the updates.