Update for Jellyfin 10.8.0

Hello, today new version of Jellyfin - 10.8.0 went into a first beta and feature freeze. Will be the jellyfin InfuseSync plugin updated for this new version? Thanks.


Yes, we’ll be working with the Jellyfin team to get things updated for 10.8.



Any news to share? I am anxious to try out the plug-in with the new Jellyfin version.

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Hello, external subtitles do not show up in the player for all media in the current Jellyfin beta (10.8.0 beta 1). The only subtitles visible are those embedded in the video.

What I meant by not showing up was that they are not visible in the subtitles menu.


I moved your posts to a currently running thread concerning this issue. Note that it’s tagged as researching so the devs are looking into it. :wink:

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