Update for Jellyfin 10.8.0

Hello, today new version of Jellyfin - 10.8.0 went into a first beta and feature freeze. Will be the jellyfin InfuseSync plugin updated for this new version? Thanks.


Yes, we’ll be working with the Jellyfin team to get things updated for 10.8.



Any news to share? I am anxious to try out the plug-in with the new Jellyfin version.

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I moved your posts to a currently running thread concerning this issue. Note that it’s tagged as researching so the devs are looking into it. :wink:

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I’m using a Jellyfin server in Infuse 7 and I can’t figure out why the external subtitles aren’t showing up in the subtitle settings wile the mkv ones do. They are loading just fine in the web ui. An example of the movie file and the subtitle file is this: The.Batman.2022.1080p.BluRay.H264.en.srt

Were these recently added to Jellyfin? If so, can you try hitting the Refresh option on one of the videos to see if this causes them to be picked up?

What version of Jellyfin do you have? Infuse has currently broken external subtitles for Jellyfin 10.8.0 See my post: Problem with external subtitles in Jellyfin 10.8

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I recently started using infuse but the subtitles were already present at that time. I just tried refreshing and that doesn’t seem to help.

I am actually on version 10.8.0, so that must be the reason. I will try downgrading Jellyfin, thank you!

The 7.4 update has a number of fixes for Jellyfin 10.8. If you’d like to try it early, drop me a PM and I can send you a TestFlight invite.

Today’s 7.4 update includes support for Jellyfin 10.8.

There is one outstanding issue affecting certain subtitles which is currently under investigation.

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