update for atv black

hey guys i just purshased the update for fire core since i havent played arround with it in at least 2 years…

i got it cause i seen youtube and more apps in the video…how can i install it?

and it doesnt seem to have updated…i used the windows download and it said updated…

i also get an install failed on the addons?

Honestly, if that’s why you updated, ask for a refund.

Netflix is hanging on by a thread. YouTube is dead on AppleTV 2 as is Vimeo. FireCore have pretty much stopped supporting it. Apple has totally stopped supporting it.

Let’s just pray that the new Apple TV is going to have an app store and that Infuse will be on it.

It is the Maintenance app that should show it is now 2.6. There is a new option to install the YouTube app.

Agree with superdifficult. ATVFlash Black is useless except for Infuse. No added channels in over a year, no HBO Go. Hoping that the rumored upcoming Apple TV has an app store and Infuse is on it.