Update firmware 5.0 (4099) to 5.0.2 - possible?


I don’t have an Apple TV 2 yet, but I’m planning on buying one very soon (used). However, the ones that I’ve located so far all have the 5.0 (4099) software that can’t be jailbroken (untethered). The latest firmware update from Apple is the iOS6, which also can’t be jailbroken.

Therefore, I want to know if it’s possible to update to, let’s say, 5.0.2 firmware. I can find a lot of links to downloading the 5.0.2 firmware directly to my computer, but would I be able to update the Apple TV 2 to this firmware from iTunes? Will Apple let me do this?

Since it’s an Apple TV 2 that’s used then I wouldn’t have any SHSH blobs. Would that be a problem?


Please help me out here. I really wanna get my hands on one, but I want to be absolutely sure that I can update it and then jailbreak it.



Like other iDevices you need the SHSH blobs for the specific iOS version you are trying to downgrade to.

Ok, I didn’t ask about a downgrade, but never mind…


I found another used device that contained the iOS6 firmware. I decided to downgrade this to 5.0.2 even though I didn’t have the SHSH blobs. Apple is currently still signing this firmware, so you CAN downgrade without the blobs. Works like a charm