Update deletes playback progress every time.

After each Infuse App update, the playback progress and all video data are deleted every time.
The reloading of the covers doesn’t bother me, but the progress will be erased already. For example, I can’t remember the last playback progress of a movie or series. Very annoying!
Infuse accesses my Synology Diskstation.
What do I have to set to keep the movie data safe?

We’ve seem a few cases of this, and it releases to the Apple TV running low on disk space.

For a bit of background, instead of throwing a low disk space message on your TV (which Apple believes would frustrate users) tvOS will silently delete app data if you need to download a big app update, or if an app is calling for more storage space. Unfortunately, this can lead to a situation where Infuse will need to refetch artwork and details for some videos.

One thing you can do to ensure your playback progress is backed up is to use Trakt. Trakt provide a central place to store watched history and playback progress, and will allow you to keep that data in sync between multiple devices (or restore it if the app is removed or reset). Trakt is free to use, and more info on how it works with Infuse can be found here. iCloud & Trakt Syncing – Firecore

That’s really helpful!
Thank you very much!
I registered immediately and am relieved that there is a possibility. I am confident that it will work!
Have a nice day!

Tract works only conditionally. My private videos are not synchronized. It’s all about instructional videos.

After the last update all my progress has been deleted.

All my progress of my partially watched videos, teaching videos was also deleted.

Movies were dubbed.

Very annoying! I am frustrated and frightened that this will happen again.

I keep my eyes and ears open for a new player!

Yes, unfortunately trakt sync will only work with titles they have listed, so it’s not a good solution for things like home movies, or instructional videos.

To avoid issues with the Apple TV clearing out your local watched history, you may consider removing any unused apps that are present on the Apple TV. Many apps aren’t particular efficient with the storage space they consume, and since the Apple TV can update them automatically these new versions will take up even more space which can lead to data from Infuse (or any other app) being lost.

Infuse could also simply use my Synology Diskstation to store my temporary files. There is hopefully plenty of space for files there with several terrabytes.
DS Video, Synology’s own video app, also manages to cache the video files.

I have checked now and there are only a few apps installed. Ca 5GB
There should be enough memory in Apple TV.
You can’t exactly control and manage the memory.
The memory thing is just a lazy excuse.

I now disabled automatic updates at Apple TV and will not update Infuse until there is a solution to the problem.

Deactivation of the automatic updates was unsuccessful. Nevertheless, the scores have been deleted. I also deleted some apps and only a few apps on Apple TV anyway. This also did not bring any success. Thereupon, scores and covers were also deleted and reloaded. Only the Apple screensavers are activated. A download takes about 800MB. I like the screensavers. I had also deactivated the screensavers once and still the scores were deleted.
Very annoying if I didn’t write down the time in the instructional video.

Would you mind listing the other 3rd party apps you have installed?

FWIW, the disk space usage Apple lists in settings will only show the actual app size - and not the amount of data it has downloaded and cached locally.