Update Crashing Metadata Compile

No it won’t / but don’t worry about it - I’ve sent James at least 3 of them at various stages of compile - and he also has the one from my completed compile on the 64gb box - so they DO KNOW EXACTLY what they have done wrong …… but how they fix it is a whole different issue …. It’s simply the size of the dB which as you say is now some 18gb - as opposed to the 8/9gb it was before - a32gb ATV will not take a dB of anything over (guess) 12gb before wiping itself. It’s completely unacceptable that updates are not tested on a reasonably sized media server like 25% of infuse users have.
BTW - why have you got 800 items unknown ???
Out of some 50,000 items I’ve only got 30 unknown - and that’s cos they are family old home movies ?

I left for a while and attempted to submit again, this time it went through. NNJ8K

About 200 before the switch from TVDB which are mostly home movies and other various things that I just find by folder and file name when needed.

A question that you should have been asked but haven’t ……

What is the breakdown of your item numbers of movies/tv progs ?

Before the 7.1 update when was the last time you cleared your dB and did a fresh compile.

It was suggested that the caching of old data was the issue but you and I have proved that NOT to be the case as we have both done several FRESH compiles each where the cache was cleared - so let’s hope that their assumption/misunderstanding of that as the cause is NOT what they are working on as a fix because that will do nothing to help us !

As I’ve mentioned before the issue is most likely 1 of 2 things …… either tmdb downloads more than necessary graphics compared to tvdb - or the graphics from tmdb are substantially larger than those from tvdb …… either one is going to be a big issue for them to fix …. The other possibility is that the enabling of the character links is causing a doubling up of graphic downloads …. Whatever the issue is - it is really bad that that it wasn’t picked up before release !

Im afraid that whichever way you look at it the TV side of tmdb is still very much in its infancy and is nowhere near as complete as tvdb - there are literally hundreds of TV series that are not listed (or are listed wrongly as movies on tmdb) as well as naming protocols that are wrong or completely illogical - it was definitely far too soon for such a move away from tvdb. I’m going to start another topic on this issue separate from this.

I’m assuming that 7.1.2 doesn’t fix this at all ? You know James it would be a LOT MORE HELPFUL to us all if you could clearly tell us exactly what these interim updates ARE FIXING ……. To say that your descriptions are somewhat vague is an understatement …… in the meantime perhaps you could give us some real feedback on where you are with the dB size issue ???

That should read 7.1.1 not 7.1.2 !

7.1.1 includes faster purging of cached images which are no longer used, which will help with reducing on-device storage during and after library migrations.

7.1.2 will include optimizations for how cached images (TV episodes thumbnails in particular) are stored, to further help with reducing on-device storage.

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7.1.2 with a number of cache improvements was just approved by Apple, and is now rolling out on the App Store.

Please give this a try and let us know how it goes.

Note: If you have a larger library it may take a bit of time for Infuse to process the updates for all images.

James / here is some data for you.
Before update -11.2 gb
After update - 9.7gb
I did NOT consider that was a big enough reduction to fix the issue bearing in mind that I reduced my library by some 15,000 items prior to the update - as you know.
HOWEVER - I then cleared the whole metadata cache twice, closed Infuse and did a RESTART on the ATV and then ran a fresh compile.
The metadata Cache completed at 42mb as opposed to 412mb - and AFTER the Artwork had finished (only 3 hours later - making it the FASTEST compile ever) the result was a total Cache size of 3.7gb !!!
So - congratulations on fixing 2 things -
1 - the very long standing issue of compile times (it used to take MORE than 12 hours).
2 - reducing the image storage size meaning everyone with a 32gb ATV and a large library can now run Infuse again.

You will however have noticed though that just installing it as an update does NOT fix the problem like you have indicated it would. Users need to therefore be informed to CLEAR their Cache completely and re-compile in order for this update to fully work as intended.

You also really need to be asking some questions of yourselves as to YOUR dependence on your Beta testing individuals as well as your own in-house testing because this (like other issues in the past) was a pretty basic (but also serious) bug that should have been noticed by ALL. You yourselves obviously do not run any testing whatsoever on a large server fed library which quite frankly is bizarre because it is that kind of scenario that would show you programming bugs affecting ALL users of ATV in ALL settings. I’ve mentioned this to you before.

You may want to have a look at the diagnostics to confirm all the above: B2K1C
The Library details for this test were:
4,259 Films
34,365 TV Episodes
37 Other
APPROX 27TB of Data


Update !!!
Well this is weird …. After I generated the code for you and reverted back to the App it decided to compile 16,000 other items ???
So the final score is in fact now 7.8gb of data (all other item remain the same as in my previous comments).
I have generated 1 more code for you so yo may be able to ascertain exactly why it did that ?
Z4B0BK (I think that’s a zero ?)

I’m “estimating” that if I put back my media to 50,000 items which is where it was originally then I will be looking at approx 10.2gb of data - I have no idea at which threshold the ATV will decide to wipe it again but really you should probably take steps to know that.

There is going to be a point whereby you will be having to advise users on what size ATV will be necessary for media items over a given number and I think that this is something that users should be aware of sooner rather than later ?


Great to hear!

Disk usage will vary from person to person, but in one sample test with a few hundred of the top TV shows the results were as follows.

  • v7.0.10 - 1.78 GB
  • v7.1 - 6.61 GB
  • 7.1.2 - 2.11 GB

You can extrapolate this out based on your own library size, but IMHO this is pretty solid considering Infuse 7.1+ now displays higher-quality artwork and cast pictures.

Installing the update alone should update existing titles, and reduce the cache usage automatically. It will process ~10 images per second when the app is open so if you have a larger library it will take a bit of time to run through everything.

There were a lot of moving parts in this update, and much of the focus of internal testing was done around migrations and ensuring consistency in matching existing content with the correct titles on TMDb. The issues here affected a pretty small percentage of users, but it’s probably something we should have caught earlier. I understand this update caused some frustration for you, but fortunately we were able to iterate quickly and get this resolved. Thanks for your patience here. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for replies - just thought you should know that I’ve done it on 3 ATV’s now and the update does NOT reset the cache - it does reduce it slightly but it will ONLY reduce it fully after clearing the cache completely and restarting the ATV (although I’m not sure does anything) AND COMPLETELY REBUILDING THE DATA after doing that the Cache went down to 7.8gb al ALL devices.


It is good to hear that 7.1.2 has helped S1bar1.

Unfortunately it does not appear to have helped me.

I upgraded to 7.1.2 yesterday and cleared all metadata a couple of times prior to letting it recompile.

It took 18.25 hours to recompile everything and I now sit at 16.1GB down from 17.8GB on 7.1.0 and 7.1.1.

I haven’t exited the app yet, but I am assuming that is going to still be too large for a 32GB Apple TV 4K.

Again my library is around 86K items over 80K television episodes.

Is there any way to add an option to skip download actors images or whatever else might be bloating it?

I just uploaded another diagnostic: X11HT

Damn mate - really sorry for you ! I have been keeping an open mind to it and the only reason that mine is working is cos I removed over 10,000 items of TV progs which I haven’t bothered to put back yet. But …… my data IS currently sticking fast at 7.8gb on my 4 ATV’s.
That’s based on a total of 4,260 movies snd 34,374 TV episodes …… clearly logic is telling me that if I went to 80,000 items my 7.8 would be circa 14 or 15gb - and that is what I have been afraid of throughout this debacle of a cockup.

I’m afraid to tell you that for the FIRST time Infuse has reached a disclosable limit on what a 32gb ATV will take - snd you’ve proved that - I think that when Infuse data reaches some 12gb it will get deleted - meaning that you need a 64gb unit now - it’s going to be the ONLY way to overcome this.

I have LONG asserted that the database should have the option of being able to be stored on our media servers and not on the ATV - IMHO it has always been a bad way to have it set up - my data has been deleted previously 3 or 4 times over the last few years for no apparent reason at all.

I should tell you one thing though - I keep my ATV with the MINIMUM of Apps on it, Netflix, Amazon, 5 uk tv stations and (this is important) do NOT have your ATV set to download new screensavers (they take up TONS OF SPACE) - if you have had that turned on / you will need to do a factory reset on the ATV and reconfigure it with this turned off.

If none of that works - I’m afraid it’s a new 64gb unit - or James will have miraculously figured out a way to move the DB onto our Media servers - which honestly shouldn’t be too difficult to give the option to store it locally or store it in the root folder of the media server.

The recent q&a disclosed that 25% of users have between 50k and 100k items - so logic dictates that we are the first of many to hit the Infuse limit on a 32gb ATV. To me at least basic issues like this should be top priority for Infuse on ATV to sort out before pretty character pictures snd links.

Hmm, it seems like something else may be going on in your case.

Thanks for the report. We’re looking into this.

I’m not sure there’s anything going on at all other than the fact you’ve got 89k items which IS going to take up the amount he stated. James - I know it’s a tricky one but surely you have a contact at Apple who can tell you at what level the ATV will delete your DB - it will be very easy then to do an average calculation of how many media items (and size of your DB) will trigger it ?

I’m assuming also that you don’t have a load of Apple TV or otherwise movies or other media downloaded on your ATV because if you do they will also be taking up space / I make sure I don’t download anything and only stream (snd that’s actually rarely) - I treat my ATV as an “InfuseBox” and that is my primary reason for using the ATV. I prefer to download on my Mac and add to my media server to watch later using Infuse rather than stream it.


Just to confirm I have almost nothing else stored on the AppleTV. No screensavers or other downloaded content and just a minimum of apps: Hulu, Netflix, Prime, HBOMax and a couple of others, but the Apple TV storage shows they use almost no storage space.

Thank you for looking into this further.


Just another update. As expected as soon as I switched to Hulu and came back everything was gone again. Strangely the error message saying your metadata had been cleared was not displayed.

I let it rebuild again from scratch and another strange thing happened. It went back up to 17.7GB so the initial savings that 7.1.2 is almost gone.

New diagnostic code: F6D6P

OK James - Its time for some serious and informative feedback on this issue. There are a couple of questions that are still unanswered - 1. Is the increase in size due to TMDB graphics being larger than TVDB - or 2. Is the increase due to the linking of all the character photos ? - It can only be one or the other (or maybe both).

Next - James why on gods earth do you not know about this APP ???

GKAR - download it to your ATV - see below …

You will note that the information from my unit shows that I have 5.94 GB free - representing 20% Free
OK - so next …
You can see that at the moment I have 37,000 items of Media (showing the breakdown)
and finally …

You can see that all this data is using 7.9GB of space.
Simple maths average will estimate that a TOTAL of 61,000 items will use ALL available space on my ATV - HOWEVER, the ATV will never allow it to overflow and will delete at a threshold of maybe 5% less … so again estimating, I would think that something like 55,000 items of Media will trigger a delete of ALL the Infuse Metadata.
GKAR - honestly mate STOP trying to get it to work - its NEVER going to unless you can revert back 2 versions of Infuse - or remove some of your Media - or … get a 64B ATV ! :frowning: sorry mate but James can go on about “other things going on” but as I said to you previously - the ONLY thing going on is this massive cockup of an update. the ONLY reason that mine is working at the moment is because if you recall I removed some 13,000 media items ! James, yes you have managed to reduce the size of the DB slightly but its NOWHERE near the small size it was before this update - leading me back to my first para and the 2 unanswered questions. You have blocked my posts before because of my frustration at your total indifference to past cockups - but this time mate you have really fallen on your own sword - this is so unacceptable in so many ways ! My past complaints about too many Beta Testers who aren’t “Testing” (not that the majority wouldnt know how to anyway) and the clear lack of it at your back office end :frowning: Maybe youre trying to do too much - you made your name on ATV - NOT IOS Apps and you are spending so much time in trying to get Infuse to be an all round Plex competitor that the ATV stuff is simply NOT getting tested properly and suggestions going back YEARS from people have been ignored. I have mentioned the option of a server based DB instead of it fiillng up the ATV and as your DB is now getting larger and larger you surely MUST have figured out that this day needs to come sooner rather than later ? - or are you just going to start advising purchasers of the ATV App that they have a Library Size Limitation now ? - for me, I would have to dump 6 out of 8 ATV’s and replace them with 64GB ones at a cost of some £1,200 if I want my full library back :frowning: I am sure you will agree that is NOT an acceptable course of action. You “COULD” of course fix the issue on a temporary basis by having 2 SEPARATE APPS available for download UNTIL you either FIX this properly - or revise our understanding of the App. Allowing the DB to continue to grow even bigger is ultimately going to lead to all sorts of other issues - and if the issue IS caused entirely by TMDB then I have to say that despite your attempts to convice us all that it is so much better for TV Media - I can tell you that it DEFINATELY is NOT. It’s not user friendly, numbering and naming stuff is either completely illogical or totally impossible to work out and then - you invite US to send you lists of stuff that is missing (which only proves that its still in its infancy) - I mean, its very nice of you to help, but really, do we all have to start emailing you EVERY time we cant find a program ??? - I have NEVER had to ask for help in naming something or finding something on TVDB - and that is a FACT ! I have wasted at least 5/6 hours this week working out how TMDB name stuff - I do NOT agree with you on any of your “positive” convictions on how much better it is than the TVDB - from a programing point of view maybe it is - but from our USING point of view its not - and you are losing customers because of it. Repeat - if its TMDB that causes the increase in your DB size then, ignoring the fact that you should have known about it before but missed it (which you kindly admitted to me) then this makes the changeover even worse.

I think you have a whole lot of work to do now to remedy this … and maybe with me guiding you to the only App that shows the capacity of the ATV - you know you could also do it with XCode as well don’t you :slight_smile: - and my suggestion that you do finally get a test bed setup with suitably sized media server fully populated - then maybe you can fix this ? - If nothing else, it would ensure that stupid mistakes like this dont happen again. You have NOT been quick enough on your remedy response in the past and other App providers would most likely have reverted back a version so that NONE of their customers were affected while they sorted the issue out PROPERLY. Your Customers like GKAR and myself have spent K’s of $'s and YEARS building our media libraries all based on our usage AND CONFIDENCE in Infuse and so you need to maybe stop thinking so much about your new Mac and IOS users … or maybe just stop developing the ATV App (which is where you made your name) :frowning: This is all a bit sad really especially when I see you tell leaving customers that you’re sorry to see them go and maybe they’ll come back one day instead of getting to grips with their problem.

Anyway - enjoy the APP - it should certainly help you in fixing the issue ! … maybe !
And GKAR - I suggest that you download it as well and analyse the output relative to your data like I have … but as I have said, unless James put up a 2nd version to download - youll either have to remove media or go buy a 64gb ATV.

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