Update Atv Flash

As I’m interested in buying Atv Flash I would like to know how you update to the newer versions. Does one have a user account or do you have to install everything again every time after an update?
I read of users who’s Atv Flash stopped working after an update.


Between AppleTV system updates aTV Flash updates can be easily installed directly on the AppleTV through the Maintenance menu. Re-installing/updating using a flash drive is only required after an AppleTV system update.

or after an update which often signals that all that WAS working will stop for a couple weeks. Things are fixed but between the update half the time and the fix, you are outta luck.

If you DO get this, and when it is working its pretty good - DON’T UPDATE if you are running fine…like…DON’T…EVEN! I regret it and wish there was a way to disable updates from atvflash once its going well until you can see that things are fixed on the forum…like with aTV updates itself.

You make it sound like ATVFlash updates are automatic; which they are not.

One must use the Maintenance menu to do an update manually and hence you can read this forum before you decide to make an update.

My attitude is: “if it ain’t broke, don’t update it!” unless there is something in the new update that I specifically want!

Exception to rule: I almost always accept nitotv updates, as he has a terrific track record!

What I don't like with this site, compared to the old one...

is that you have no idea what version has just been released.  There is no clear indication of what version they are on.  The downloads link in your account does not show any versioning whatsoever.  It's the same executable name every time.

They need to have a clear, dedicated "new version" page like they did before so you can read about the new features or fixes.  And the download page needs to list them by version.


In case of an aTV system update, may i use the old flash drive for reinstalling Atv Flash or must i create a new one by downloading the Atv Flash again? And if yes, what is after the one Year support time.

Technically the old flash drive can be used, though we recommend always downloading the most current version of aTV Flash when installing via a USB drive.

Should be able to as long as not too old, like to use the new. But I will not update so fast.

i know this is an old thread but I am unable to update ATVF through the maintenance menu at all. Never have been!   It always gives me an error message when I try, as the case today,  I have spent half a day trying to get 4.2.1 ATVF update on to 3.02 ATV and I am petrified to go much further.  I have read, read and read some more and I can very much relate to the comments above about "don't update unless you have to".  On one hand u don't want to feel like u r missing some features, but from a normal view point u get the feeling these products are made for master programmers and not your run of the mill above average intelligence individual.  Can anyone relate?  Anyway, I know this isn't a "therapy board" but thought it might help to post this.


Back to being petrified,


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