Update ATV Flash without so much pain?

I tend not to use my Apple TV, particularly with ATV Flash, because there is a lot of pain in the fact that the factory reset has to be done, then the new Apple TV (from Cupertino) software has to be installed, then I have to build the flash drive with the new ATV Flash, then I have to install that.

In the process of all this (which takes a lot of time already), all the content on the internal hard drive, the syncing with my Mac (which means I have to write down another 5-digit number and run back to my Mac to enter that) has to be initiated. Then after all of that, the re-syncing of the content on my Mac has to begin again from scratch.

These processes tend to discourage me from upgrading either the stock Apple TV software (because it makes my keyboard and mouse inoperable) and then when I do upgrade it, I have to upgrade the ATV Flash as well. It takes hours. Is this just reality and it will never be any different because ultimately, ATV Flash is a (clever) hack?

Updating does not require a factory restore. Simply update the AppleTV system software, install aTV Flash and all your media and settings will be retained.

Didn’t work that way for me. I upgraded ATVFlash from 4.01 to 4.1 and then upgraded ATV to 3.02 and all my ATVFlash stuff was wiped clean. I’m pissed off. Lucky for me that I stream media and don’t have to resync EVERYTHING. I only have to reinstall ATVFlash and Boxee. That still leaves me a bit pissed off.

Anytime the AppleTV system software is updated aTV Flash will be removed. However any media or settings you had will remain, and can be accessed once aTV Flash is reinstalled.

ok i know i’m a little slow but when i go to Maintenance → Manage Plugins menu i go to ATV files and click it says i’m already up to date???

did i go to the wrong place???

do i have to use cyberduck to transfer the files 1st???

could someone be so kind as to enlighten me


Have aTV Flash V 4.0.6 programe works great. Then in the last two days when I try to use cyberduck to transfer files across the app keeps losing connection to apple tv. It’s been really pi*sing me off now as I cannot seem to resolve the problem. I thought if i upgraded the version of aTV Flash to 4.1 this might resolve issues (maintanance-manage plugins-etc) but once it downloads the software it cannot install it!!

Someone please help!!

It’s wrecking my head!!!

Exact same thing just happened to me!

A guide for installing and updating can be seen here: