Update Apple TV playback UI

I’m not at all saying you did — I was simply expressing my interest in reading them myself. Sorry for the confusion. :+1:t3:

Is it possible in 8.0 ?

Is what possible? In 8.0 of what?

They are just referring to maybe things to get updated for Infuse version 8 instead of the current 7


Any update on this suggestion??

Just adding to the thread to say it would be great to have an update on the player UI :slight_smile:

After years of having this new design, I’ve become to used to all the other players using it so something as simple as turning subs on can be fiddly as it’s different in Infuse.

Love the player though, don’t know what I ever did without it.


in-progress? :eyes:


I see it’s on the roadmap under Infuse 8 UI changes :clap:t6:

I can’t wait to see the new UI. It’s something I’ve been waiting for and I think it’s overdue.


I really hope the new UI will finally add direct access to “enhance dialogue” and “reduce loud sounds”…


Hey @james, is there any chance the new enhanced dialogue features (along with reduce loud sounds) are making it into the new player UI?

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Hi @james,

I know that the redesign is planned probably in version 8, but if it’s was possible to just remplace the old gray « DOS like » folder for Plex libraries on ATV to look like the orange/black folder in iOS, it would be great. The design is OK in infuse, but this part waste the rest for so little…

Thank you!

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If Infuse adopts new player UI, I really hope there will be an option to switch to the old UI as currently I hate the new UI, at least as far as I have used it in Netflix app.
For example to change subtitles I have to do following steps (maybe I’m missing something or not using it correctly) :
swipe down or tap to bring up seeking bar
swipe up to highlight subs button
click to bring up subs menu
choose the option I want and click
as menu just disappears, but the button is still highlighted I have to press Menu/back to unselect it or it stays there indefinitely or at least more than I had patience to wait
Then either wait for the seeking bar to disappear or press back again (if I press it after running out of patience and it coincides with it disappearing on it’s own I’m out of the show and back in player menu)

For comparison same use case with old style UI (current Infuse, unless some updates already changed that):
swipe down to bring up the top menu
swipe right to select subs menu (or audio for that matter)
choose subs I want and click

And that’s it, menu disappears and I’m back o watching the show, easy, fast and simple. 3 steps instead of at least 5 in new UI :frowning:

Edit/P.S.: please also consider that people who are fine with current interface usually don’t go to forums asking for it to remain unchanged. I only stumbled on this looking at the planned changes for v8.
So going by the number of comments asking for new UI it seems to be a minority.
I would even consider buying non subscription Infuse 7 as was possible with previous versions, to retain current UI and functionality, if not for the fear of future tvOS upgrade breaking the player which would be unsupported at that time. I already had similar situation with Infuse 5.

That might be a Netflix specific issue, I’ve had no issues with the new UI? Try using TV+ and see if you still have the same issues?

In regards to steps to change:

It should be swipe up, swipe along, change subs, hit back.

I would assume that hitting the back button was added to make it easier to change multiple options before returning to the media. If however, you enable subs often, it might be worth having them enabled by default?

I see your point, actually I also prefer the current player over the apple player which is kind of a hassle to navigate sometimes :thinking:

To clarify I use mainly Netflix for streamed content, youtube and Infuse for playing what I have on my NAS. I don’t buy into the idea to have subscriptions to all the streaming platforms :slight_smile:
Per your suggestion I just tried Apple TV+ app. Situation is the same.
Long swipe up (doesn’t react on short swipe for some reason) or tap only brings up progress bar with buttons above and below. Another swipe up highlights the buttons, but no menus after additional swipes - need to click on some of them.
I understant rationale behind keeping the buttons active to be able to change other settings, but it seems to be needed only because it takes at least to steps to get there.
I also can understand why someone would like this minimalist design (especially if one is using more than one streaming app using the same interface), but lets keep in mind that atv+, netflix and other apps are streaming platforms and they offer very few playback options. So minimal buttons for minimal menus may be ok, but it seems to be form over function.
Infuse on the other hand is much more fully featured video player. And the same Video, Audio or Subtitle menus are more extensive. They allow aspect ratio changes, zoom, playback speed etc. for video. Some additional options for audio, options to change font color, style and ability to search and download additional subtitles. This means they take up more screen space. Maybe they can be made to work well with new UI, maybe not. I’m just afraid that going Apple player UI way those additional options may become buried under another layer of clicks or swipes which may look cleaner, but even slower to access.
Regarding subtitles, I mainly use them watching japanese shows(anime), but sometimes for english language as well, as I’m not a native english speaker and if the dialog is hard to understand I temporarily turn on subs, then rewind a bit, and turn them off again. I don’t leave them on permanently as then I constantly find myself reading the subs instead of listening what is being said :smile:
You may imagine that to simply turn subs on, rewind, turn subs off takes much more actions and time in new UI - tap, swipe up, click, choose sub, click, click back, click to rewind - after reading what was said tap, swipe up, click,choose subs off, click, [click back twice to hide those buttons as soon as possible or wait some time which drags out as one is waiting for it].

Sorry for such a long rant :smiley:

Apple is actually going to address this particular interaction in their native player in tvOS 18:

During its WWDC keynote, Apple demoed a new tvOS 18 feature that automatically puts subtitles on screen when you skip back in a video. It’s similar to what happens when you ask, “What did she say?”

Instead of making that request, the system now just assumes that if you’re skipping back, it’s because you missed something, so it puts subtitles on screen for 10 seconds automatically.

(source: 9to5Mac)

Do you know about the Siri action “what did she say?” - it does exactly what you just described automatically.

Now that would be great feature as I don’t use Siri.

If the default player is implemented correctly in the new version, then this should work:

That solution would be quicker for toggling subtitles than either of the methods you’ve mentioned and uses the remote, as you’ve expressed preference for.

Personally, I think following standards is much better for usability and I welcome this change.