Update 6.0.7 error on playing files via FTP

Hi, automatic update today (05/29)

Since this update all my movies can’t play « error occured » when start

This morning working fine

I don’t change anything

Please help as soon as possible

Working fine with infuse pro 5.9.6 !!!

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Sorry for the trouble.

Can you double-check to ensure your share credentials are entered correctly in the share settings?

If they’re entered correctly, and you are still experiencing trouble please drop us a note from the app so we can look further into this.

I’ve exactly the same problem!

Hi James,

I have to change the adress on FTP to work. Adress was name,I change than ip adress and it’s working

We’ve been looking into this, and think we have tracked down what is going on. It seems to affect FTP in certain network setups, and a workaround for now is to use the IP address instead of DNS name.

We’re working to submit a fix to Apple, and hope to have this available soon. Sorry for the trouble.

Thank you James for your support

The fix for this is available in 6.0.8 which was just approved, and is now rolling out on the App Store.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

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