Update 5 pro to 6 pro or discount where?

I was told it would be free or discounted for users of version 5 Pro.

And I find that I do not have the new free version or even a discount.

I bought all the Pro and lifetime versions.

And now they’re forcing me to pay back this is unheard of a robbery.

I Do Not understand why they do this to those of us who trust from the outset in the application and support it.

In The coming year they will return to do the same.

I got a message that tells me I would have the upgrade to version 6 Pro for having the 5 Pro for life.

Now I say no but I have a discount.

I Go to the link and the discount is almost €30!!!

Where’s the promised discount?

I feel the same.
Bought previous PRO and now I need to buy again.
I am looking to switch to some other app.

Upgrade to Infuse 6 today…for free!

Infuse 6 is a free update for all Infuse Pro subscribers (monthly, yearly, lifetime). Simply visit the App Store and all the new goodies will be ready and waiting for you.

Discounted upgrade options are available for those with the standalone Infuse Pro 5 app. Download the free Infuse 6 app and follow the prompts to upgrade to Pro -or- download the Infuse Pro 6 upgrade bundle.

If you’re new to Infuse, you can download Infuse 6 and test drive all the awesome new Pro features for free!

So, why the version 6 is not playing all my movies?

Did you purchase the stand alone version of Infuse 5 Pro or did you purchase a subscription to Infuse 5?

So, why the version 6 is not playing all my movies?

Have you tried raising a support ticket for this? Your question was rather open-ended without enough information to even guess at what might be going wrong!

See, now we’re being told that the standalone version doesn’t cover Infuse 6, but every single piece of marketing material says plainly: if you paid for Infuse Pro 5, you get Infuse Pro 6. You can’t heavily advertise that benefit, bury the fact that it only applies to a subset of your customers, and then ask them to pay again for what amounts to an incremental upgrade. This is why you have a lot of angry people on your forums.

May I ask where it says the standalone infuse Pro 5 upgrades free to the standalone infuse Pro 6 app? As Far as I can read is that the free version infuse app that has in app purchases (subscription model - monthly, yearly, Lifetime) gets the “free” updates to any future infuse apps 7,8,9…etc.

Surly you knew that you were purchasing the standalone app (infuse Pro 5) without free upgrades? I knew because I read about the two different infuse apps and pay models on this very site, it was pretty clear to me.

Now receiving a discount to upgrade from the standalone infuse Pro 5 to the standalone infuse Pro 6 is another matter, which users have mentioned above, but It was never free to upgrade from the standalone infuse app hence the word standalone.

Maybe you got confused when purchasing infuse Pro 5 and did not read that you were paying for a standalone app without upgrades by mistake, instead of downloading the in app purchase infuse app (monthly, yearly, lifetime)

Why would I surely know this? If you go to the App Store and look for Infuse Pro, there it is, listed as “Infuse Pro,” not, “Infuse Pro Standalone,” or more specifically, “Infuse Pro, but actually not the same as the separate in-app purchase version, this one doesn’t update.” Based on the fact that you have several threads filled with posts from people who are pretty ticked off that their one-time purchase version isn’t upgradable, I think it’s safe to say that this system is confusing customers (deliberately?)

I’m perfectly happy to subscribe to Infuse Pro for the upgrades. What I don’t like is that because of the way this is set up, I’m in double jeopardy as far as paying for Infuse goes. Probably the most honest solution is to discontinue the single-purchase App Store version of Pro – which doesn’t have a clear reason for existing – and issuing updates to those customers with an apology for the confusion. “I want to pay for this app but also stop receiving updates in a year,” said no one…

I do not think that discontinuing the stand-alone version is viable as a lot of people said they wanted one even when it was stated it would not be upgradeable to the next major version.

I DO however think that the App Store version should mention this version does not get a free upgrade to v7 and beyond. It should also mention that the other version can have the Pro features enabled by taking out a monthly/yearly/lifetime subscription and that DOES include free upgrades to future major versions.

Conversely the free option should make it clearer that taking out a subscription enables all Pro features, and DOES get free upgrades to future major versions while the subscription is running.

I was not aware there were different options and which one I got.

I don’t agree with you.

If I buy the PRO version it’s because it s the not normal if not an PRO bone with everything.

If it wasn’t a version of Infuse, it would be

This is a hoax because I bought the infuse Pro version if PRO because it was supposed to be the Ultimate PRO.

The 5 Came Out and the same thing happened.

In the end those who used the cheap version of infuse are all up to date or that those who do not buy a PRO pay less for a year and have it all.

I pay more for the PRO version and it turns out that now is not worth me.

This they had to delete it from the App Store and not deceive the buyers.

And They only have one version.

Because If I see how it was my case two versions and a PRO even being more expensive I bought it for having the best.

And in the end it is not, it turns out that those who buy the highest version the PRO lose all rights.

And Those who last month bought a month infuse 5 now have the same free version 6.

Do You Guys see this well?

Some spend more money on a version that has expired.

And others who have paid less for a year now have it for free!!!

This is unbelievable.

And worst of all is that now I have four versions with four prices as in the catch.

Is It a hoax? If you read you will see that nothing puts anything but different prices.

What happens next year if we pay that money?

I repeat this is unbelievable.

Those of us who have invested in the highest application of the version are discriminated against.

And those who opted for the reduced version paying a month much less are all updated.


This capture mail!!!

It says SUBSCRIBE to Pro, you did not subscribe you paid a one off payment for infuse 5 Pro standalone app with no upgrades to future versions.

I agree though that they could have worded it better though.

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They really need to rename either the app or the subscription. Having them both named Pro causes this issue every time.

personally I would just get rid of the standalone Pro apps but then users will complain about that as well, but I agree the two apps should have better names to differentiate each other. Also users should take responsibility and read properly and understand what they are actually purchasing you can’t just put the whole blame on firecore.

Hopefully firecore will address this and make it even more clearer in the future since many users are getting confused between the two apps.

Version 5 still works just fine, yes. I considered whether to buy 6 for a while. As most of the changes in 6 are really under the hood, and 5 was doing everything that I need…
Only after checking di I see that my ATV4K already had updated Infuse to 6. Yeah, I was confused by all of the options too. It was only after I reread the announcement that I realized that I had purchased the PRO Lifetime version that is eligible for all future version upgrades.
There was a discussion on AVS about how confusing the options and their descriptions are. Most agree that things should be simplified or at least the descriptions made more clear.
In your place, I would consider keeping your version 5 for awhile and doing some reading on what has changed. Maybe you don’t need the changes. Maybe wait until 7 is released. At least this will give you more time for your investment.

EDIT: I went and read this: Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing
I am not sure how the choices can be made much more clear.