Update 4.2...Still can't deal with Folders logically!

I had high hopes for this update. But for some odd reason Infuse still handle Folders in the most odd manner.

TV shows with subfolders for different seasons still show at the top no matter what you do. So View By Date, or Recently Added are still useless options. This is really annoying.

I love the fact that Infuse is stand-alone so it spares my iMac the heavy encoding duties. But this persistently quirky interface still makes Plex a far more pleasant experience!

Sounds like this is in a share-based favorites? Have you tried library view?

The Library View is more of a disaster…when I choose “Recently Added” I only get 8 shows, some of which I’ve added eons ago. It seems that the real concept of a Library have been missing from Infuse from the get go.

And I won’t even get to the stupidly restrictive file naming convention that is anything but natural.

I think the recently added in library is based on when the library last scanned it, not the file date added. Not that it is necessarily best for most people initially but should work in the future

Unfortunately, that is not true! I thought it might be the case last night so I did a full rescan. Not an iota of difference.

Was it in the same path? What I meant was that when it scanned if there is a new file or folder. Try changing something (folder name) and see if it’s shows up.

Having used the library view for a bit now, I have noticed that after the initial scan, future shows added after that first scan appear at the top of the recently added. Therefore, I expect over time, as new shows get added they will continue to populate the recently added section.

Do you happen to have any TV shows with embedded Season folders? If so, please describe how Infuse places them when viewing by date (away from the Library View)

This is a set up that I never really use (only order my title). But I switched it to take a look and it has all the shows that I have recently added episodes at the top. Then the large cluster of shows that were part of the initial scan where no new episodes have been added are after and seem to be in a haphazard order.
I did a little more digging to try and figure out the order and it seems that the order is based on the date on the series folder. I looked at my NAS and checked on my TV shows folder. Clicking on order my date in the explorer window shows the very same order as I see on infuse. It does not seem to be affected if there is an episode within one of the seasons that has a more recent date compared to the date of the series folder. The order seems dictated by the series folder date.

Hope that helps. I don’t imagine I would ever use that sort order myself. Personally, I have been using the library view for a few weeks and it is the way I like it catalogued. I sort by name and all my shows are there in my preferred layout.

Thanks for that.