Upcoming Trailer Feed

With the introduction of the Discover tab on Plex, I’m loving the feed of upcoming movies. I like that I can watch a trailer and add it to a playlist. I don’t yet know how I feel about the connected services option, but it’s nice to know when something has been released so I can go watch it.

But this got me thinking… cutting away the fluff, how hard would it be to add a feed for upcoming movies? Surely, tapping into IMDB or similar service wouldn’t be too hard? A simple toggle option to enable or disable would be huge too.

I know others have asked for similar over the years, but now that Discover in Plex is live, would be nice to see some analogue in Infuse.

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We dont have trailers available at all in Infuse, requested for many years by many people. So I expect the Discover feature will be available after 5 years :wink:

So many basic features are missing. The only thing I am using Infuse for is the great video player.

Infuse can be so good if they just had these basic features and if they are listening to their customers :slight_smile: