Upcoming Features (updated 9/26/23)

Many features should make more sense when using English. Naturally, we’ll have everything translated for an official release. :slight_smile:

With Dolby/DTS over HDMI enabled, Infuse will send the unchanged Dolby/DTS audio to your TV receive. If you’re hearing buzzing, then it’s likely the device connected to your Apple TV doesn’t support this audio format, and disabling the setting is recommended.

Right now Infuse will display folders first, then movies, then tv shows, then everything else.

Thanks! :wink:

Infuse does support showing metadata for a series, with seasons inside, but you would need to organize your shows in a format with each season in it’s own folder (Series/Season x/files).


Lost/Season 1/Lost.S01.E07.mkv

Thanks. #1 and 3 are already in the works. We’ll look into #2.

I’m not getting any DTS-HD MA/Dolby TrueHD Passthrough. It only plays DTS core and standard dolby digital. I have DTS/Dolby Over HDMI set to on.

Tried on files served over Plex DLNA and direct through SMB.

You can add/select subtitles through the playback settings menu. Swipe down while a video is playing to access this.

Good suggestion. :slight_smile:


It’s something we’re planning to look into after the initial release.

Thanks for the feedback.

A dark mode, like on iOS, is in the works for 4.1 or 4.2.

In the works for a future update.

We’ll look into it.

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We’re planing to add the filename to the edit metadata page.

Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

Are you using one of the supported folder structures?

Everything needs to be decoded, no matter the format.

Some formats (like h.264) are eligible for HW decoding, which is inherently better than the fallback of SW based decoding. This has a more noticeable difference on mobile devices, as HW decoding will greatly extend battery life.

Working pretty good so far but I have som minor stuttering (inconsistent framerate) when playing bigger files around 20-30GB.

Other that that I would like:

  • Have one folder for movies and one for series containing and gathering files from multiple sources (folders).
  • More subtitle size options.
  • The ability to pick different artwork covers.

Keep up the good work!

Will there be support for deleting files? or at least a visual clue for watched/unwatched movies?
Great first beta by the way…

It’s something we’re working to add.

First of all I’m loving the beta! Great job guys.

The only issues i have at the minute is with metadata, id like to be able to choose which artwork cover is used (from theTVDB selection). Is this something planned?
I’ve tried putting my own “folder.jpg” in for TV series which shows at first, but as soon as it gathers the metadata for that show it overwrites my “folder.jpg” image, is that the desired behaviour? i would expect my file to overwrite the artwork.

Another little thing, when you select a TV series, it shows the list of episodes at the bottom that you can scroll through, but the episode information doesn’t change until you click that episode. It would be nice that the episode information changed as you scrolled through the episodes rather than have to click on the episode to get the information. This is something that the PLEX app currently does.

Great job though! Am loving it so far

I created a few SMB network shares with 55 or so movies and a few TV series (including ones that have multiple seasons), all were identified correctly, metadata was correctly picked up, etc. Subtitles selection works nicely, as does selecting from multiple audio steams. Just watched an episode of Supernatural and it worked perfectly.

As you said, there are various missing labels at the moment (even for a UK English Apple TV) but that’s no issue!

Very nice job, seems great so far! :slight_smile:

One thing - I just noticed you’ve got auto-resume support (so if you stop watching,then come back later, select the file and click play it starts from where you left off).
This will obviously be useful the vast majority of the time, but would it perhaps be possible to have a Play (Resume) and Play (From start) option perhaps?

Thanks for the feedback.

Right now Infuse will use the top rated poster/fanart image. A way to select an image manually may be added in the future.

Great to hear! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll probably look at adding something like this in 4.1.

Whoops, I saw the tweet after i got the TestFlight email and started submitting feedback directly from within TestFlight.

My first impressions and feedback emails were:

  • Placeholders for non English language, but was mentioned in this thread

  • The swipe down overlay pauses the movie. The default behavior in default apps is let the video play under the overlay

  • When the summary is longer than the preview allows there is no way to read more. iTunes movies on the Apple TV lets you click the text to see more. Also mentioned in thread.

  • Clicking an item in The top shelf recently watched goes to a sub view. In case of tv shows there is no easy way to continue where you left off as the bottom bar displays the recently watched, not next episodes of the show you clicked.

  • The default behavior of side clicking the touchpad doesn’t reverse and fast forward 10 seconds. Clicking and holding to keep fast forwarding also doesn’t work. Both pause and resume playback.

New feedback

  • maybe move most of the subtitle options to settings. The overlay can get a bit crowded. Most options will be set and forget except for timing offset and stuff

  • maybe create separate views for listing unplayed and recently added? Now there is a setting to sort by date but having access to both without toggling would be nice

  • does the chapter view support chapter titles and or thumbnails? Didn’t have a suitable file to test that with

Overall very pleased! Keep up the great work

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I presume you guys prefer the feedback here instead of the beta email address mentioned in TestFlight?