Upcoming Features (updated 2/22/24)

We’re continuously working on new features and improvements for Infuse, and a preview of some of the things we have in the pipeline can be found below. A complete history of past releases can be found here

Infuse Pro subscribers receive new updates automatically :tada:

7.7.1 (Late February)

  • Search collections in Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex
  • Siri playback controls (tvOS)
  • Optimize the experience of using Infuse with AliyunDrive
  • Improvements for SMB streaming
  • Improved flow when adding media server connections
  • Fixed watched status updates for Emby
  • Fixed missing text when switching between light/dark modes
  • Fixed episode numbers in playlists
  • Fixed incorrect sort order on Home for pinned lists
  • Fixed ‘Show Poster Titles’ option when browsing
  • Fixed behavior of ‘Skip Credits’ button in some cases
  • Fixed minor UI issue after refreshing while browsing
  • Fixed rare issue with lost focus position after playback

7.7.2 (Mid March)


Upcoming Direct Mode features in 7.7.x

8.0 (Mid 2024)

We’d love to hear about any other suggestions you may have, so please feel free to browse the Suggestions section to upvote items, or start a new thread with your own ideas.

Thanks! :pray:


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