Upcoming Features (updated 11/26/21)

I second this! The current behaviour makes the subtitles unreadable when the image is white/bright.

Hello Infuse developer

I would like to see some new futures and maybe they are named here or somewhere else

  • Hide/Unhide watched movies or series (favorite section and maybe somewhere else)
  • add custom font for subtitles ( i prefer own fonts )
  • covers for empty TV show folders ( they show blanc folder or extra options to hide empty folders??)
  • better improvement for HEVC/10bit support
  • dark theme for apple TV
  • override Anime Subttiles (ass or ssa)

I am sorry my english is kinda bad but i hope u get what i meant :slight_smile:


Dark mode is already there as an option.
HEVC improvements will come with tvOS 11

Hi Thanks for replying my msg

But i did not see any black theme on Apple TV4 only on iPad or iPhone


On tvOS Infuse takes the Dark Mode setting according to the general Dark Mode setting for the ATV … There is no setting within Infuse itself.

Any plans for multiple user support? Everyone in my family uses Trakt, but switching users for the shared Apple TVs is a pain. It would be nice if on opening Infuse on the Apple TV we had an option to show a ‘User selection’ screen and switch Trakt based on the user.

In every series the TV LOGO SHOW OR MOVIE NAME LOGO it would be perfect


I would like to have the “collection”-view inside the regular movies folder.
It can be a setting that you turn on or off.
I don’t use the Library feature that often.

I would like a Philips Hue integration so you can set a light scene when you start to watch a movie

Vote for this suggestion:

Just a suggestion, you can create a home screen favorite of the Movie Collections folder from the library so you don’t have to drill down in the library to get to the movies collections.

Just go to the “Movies” section of the Library and long press on the “Collections” choice. There you can add it as a favorite.

bought infuse 4 pro. very happy with it. I’m really looking forward to have variable playback speed. So when you have it I will even pay for that version when it gets out!

Is it possible to add full Bluray disk menu support ?

Is it planned to set the collections on or off in the library?
Would be GREAT!!!
THX Daniel

Here’s a link to a post from a while back discussing this if you want to throw some more interest this way in the suggestions forum.

Noticed some other tvOS apps now allow you to tap the remote while the playback gui (like you would to bring up the playback gui) to change the ‘time at’ and ‘remaining time’ to ‘current time’ and ‘end time’.

Can we get this for infuse?




can u add the ability to allow xfinity Stream integration from ur app into xfinity Stream And Also allowing automatic scheduling of torrent downloading for movies and tv episodes