Upcoming Features (updated 11/25/22)

Sorry to hear that, improved sorting & categories is pretty much the only thing keeping Infuse from pulling more Plex users.

Personally I pretty much quit using Infuse altogether. If I am @home I use Plex (it allows me to cast to my TV from my phone without AppleTV or GoogleCast). And when I am out I use the normal video app but with videos imported through WALTR2.0.

Basically the only thing that really could have got me to lose Plex and the iOS video app is if Infuse could do casting like other apps (Plex, ArkMC, iPlayTo just to name a few) without being forced to buy an AppleTV or ChromeCast to cast over to smart TVs.

I still receive updates just in case that this feature ever comes out but right now it seems unlikely. And purchasing infuse now could mean that the feature could come out in a newer version and so I would have to pay again?!?!? Hell no.

Kind of same here. I have been requesting file sorting features for over a year and was told the usual statement “it will be included in the upcoming version”. I am done with waiting and using infuse. I have instead switched to MrMc which I agree is not as fluent as Infuse but it has better features or atleast the functionality that I require. And, their developers are morw transparent in terms of what they can do or not and not lead you on with the requests.

Sorry to be so frank…

I would be more inclined to use MrMc if the UI wasn’t hideous and the controls atrocious. I’ve had to park the Infuse app for now because it randomly forgot/lost most of my content and I’m not willing to endure another temp Google Drive ban to rescan. I’m hoping then planned feature to operate as a Plex client pans out.

Hi quick question I think I have problem with my network connection and my WebDAV Library. First of all I’m using the latest Infuse Pro with my ATV 4K and I have a Synology 718+, Fritzbox 7590 and VDSL 50.000

When I’m streaming files <10gb everything works flawlessly but files >10gb stutter and I always see the loading cycle. Do I have to upgrade my Internet connection or can I change some settings to tweak the connection?

streaming has got nothing to do with the internet speed. It is defendant on good WiFi connection. Maybe there is some sort of interference or you need to upgrade you router to a better one for better signal. Do you have AC wifi or N ?

When I’m at my brothers house we are using gigabit network connection and the largest Fritzbox so it has nothing to do with the hardware because files <10 gb are working fine. What I forgot to mention is that we using https connection via webDAV

You may want to move your question out of this thread that is for “Upcoming Features” And move it to the tvOS sub here. https://firecore.com/forum/tvos-new-apple-tv

That will give you a few more eyes on your problem and maybe get you an answer sooner.

Sure sorry I switched the forum

Not a thing to be sorry for! Just wanted ya to get where you have the best chance of a answer being found. Good luck!

Just subscribed monthly Infuse.
I don’t see HEVC chromecasting in the making. It will ever be supported?

Sorry if I ask this again eventually, but this post is huge and very difficult to go through


It would an awesome if you could add the real time stream information like Youtube - Info for Nerds, Netflix video/audio info and with a nicely presented info (UX). Of course this info has to be an optional with a selection or click/touch on the UI.



I just renewed my sub, Infuse Pro is the best investment for Apple TV users with considerable media content. Since Infuse does not require me to dedicate a full time computer to serve my media, I donated that Mac mini to my nephew, who really enjoys it. Guests to my home are always impressed with my system, and that EVERYTHING is run off of Apple TV. I got rid of cable tv and use a combination of Sling TV and Clearstream TV Apple TV apps for Streaming Services and OTA broadcasts, and Infuse Pro for my personal media.

One feature I would enjoy, is the ability to create specific playlists to make it easier for some in my family to use, and find. For Example, " New British", or " Just for Mom" etc. I have an extensive media library, and if my Mom or sister wants to find something I have added just for them, they do check recently added, but, if they had a specific library/playlist just for them, it would be so much easier.

If I have overlooked that this feature is already available, I apologize. Looking forward to a great 2018 for Infuse Pro !!


Registered here to check into this option as well! As far as I’ve seen there’s no way to do this without making different folders. I would love to have specific playlists of movies (i.e. Christmas Movies, New in 2017, Children’s, Animated, etc.) without having to change the folder structure on my drive. Please consider adding this functionality!!

All in all love the product! Thank you for all you do and thank you for continuing to add new features!

I think that you this could be done with trakt collections which is on the roadmap. Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later.

What I would like to see, is a global switch to trigger unwatched / watched movies or episodes as described here:

I think you and many other recent posters to this thread have overlooked the topic. This isn’t a thread meant to add suggestions to, it’s a listing of upcoming features in future releases. That information is constantly updated in the first post. Also if you note in the first post James says :

We’d love to hear about any other suggestions you may have, so please feel free to browse the Suggestions section to upvote items, or start a new thread with your own ideas. Thanks! Wink

With this thread nearing 500 posts it’d be a long stretch to think others with similar suggestions would read through the entire thread so to get the best visibility you might want to do as James suggested and browse the other suggestions in this sub forum and add your comments there or start a new thread so others can find your suggestion!

I have a few requests for your consideration. Some are simple, but others may be more difficult:

  • For the timeframe search (ie 2010, 2000, 1990, etc…), is it possible to add a search for the past year?
  • Is there a chance to complete search by more complex metadata features (actor, director, etc…)?
  • Possible ability to change artwork for a collection.
  • Ability to add movies to collection or create unique collection.

Your software is amazing. We appreciate that you have your finger on the pulse by getting feedback from customers to drive continuous improvements to the feature set.

Please see my post just above yours.

Could you answer this please?