Upcoming Features (updated 11/25/22)

UHD BD ISO access is really cool

Para cuando reproduccion de .iso 3d? Gracias

@james, can you leave previous version features in the main post?
I like to test out what’s new but can’t always remember what was there. Or point me to a change log somewhere if I have missed it :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the fast releases!

Full change log can be found here. :slight_smile:

Is the current beta period over? My TestFlight no longer lists infuse.

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@james Any news on the Plex integration? Been radio silence for a while, the thread had its ‘pending’ status removed with no word of why. Could we get some light on this ASAP please? Thank you!

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Same question here. It’s no longer listed in TestFlight via TVos for me.

Yes, it is expired. Go to beta forum to request again.

what about google “Team Drive”? it’s the google’s equivalent for OneDrive for Business
when you’ll support it?

Do you plan to support , on the import from url section (Add Files \ Via Direct URL) , a URL of subtitles file?
That can be really good to easily add an srt file on the go

another option ,will be to also allow a zip file from url with subtitles inside… (but I understand that can be more difficult…)

Still no word…

Getting some info on this would be great as there are a few issues with the Plex side of this app. Firstly the most annoying is the ‘indexing failed’ message most times I try to scan for changes. I have read numerous threads on this and no real conclusion. Then there is how slow this app connects with Plex, when scanning does work it goes through the entire library instead of just what’s new. Some actual integration would fix these issues and boost business for the company on top of that. So can we please get some form of response about this.

There is word, 5.7 will have native Plex integration.

not sure how difficult it is … but will be great to be able to import / copy / move the files from “infuse” to “infuse Beta”
of course the best thing will be to store them on “Files” on the iOS device

Hi james, can you tell us about your plans for improved file/folder sorting? Does that mean sort by actor, director, etc. Thanks :slight_smile:

James, just curious about something. Both 5.6.4 and 5.6.5 are listed as being “in progress” but only 5.6.4 is being tested by beta testers. Is 5.6.5 listed as “in progress” because it is in alpha testing internally? Just curious about how the sausage is made! Thanks.

Hi think that I found a bug … I have a specific folder structure on my Synology NAS and there a strange behavior with one of them. When I enter my Library I see all folders like I should but the folder called “4K UHD” isn’t there and the file which is in this folder is visible outside. I attached a screenshot for better demonstration. I already renamed the folder but still the same. The file by the way is a .mkv like all others

Its a special feature that a single video in a folder is promoted up a level so you done need to enter the folder to play it. So in your case if you added another video file to that folder (maybe John Wicks 2 ? ) it will behave like a normal folder.

The reason for this feature is because some people put each films into their own folder and this then automatically promotes them up a level so you have a folder of films rather than a folder of folders of films.

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It’s not a bug it’s a feature … hehe okay perfect thank you for the prompt response

This is not a bug but the way file/folder structure is currently implemented, where those folders which has only file shows as a movie file as opposed to those folders which has multiple movies inside the folder.

Also, you would notice that those folders which have multiple movies show on top as opposed to those folders which only has single movie.

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It seems that feature has been pulled off from the 5.6.5. I was so much anticipating for it.