Upcoming Features (updated 1/28/22)

I was hoping you guys could make a MAC app also. As all my movies are in my macbook, i dont have to be using my phone to streaming movies and using space.

Omg tvOS 11.2 has automatic range/frame rate switching!


Hell yes.


One thing I would really appreciate, is if you could make infuse have the ability to be a Plex client. Instead of fetching all the data and everything, connecting directly to Plex would make things way easier. I love the Infuse product but this would make it perfect. Any chance of this happening? Thanks in advance

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Here’s where to add your interest.

Thanks for that, I have already posted in there a few times. So thought I’d post in here too. Just looking for some clarity to see if this is something that is on the agenda or not as I’ve had to give up on the hope of Plex fixing their issues.

But only for the 4K Apple TV?!

Is there anything new about OneDrive for Business?

There’s a list that’s kept current in the first post of this thread.

This doesn’t tell anything … I think this isnt a big deal to implement, so i would be happy, if someone can tell, how long it will take

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I believe the planned list is ranked in order of importance. So OneDrive for Bussines support should be right around the corner. But you’re right… this doesn’t tell much.

Is there a chance to implement vertical shift?
It works in MrMC and is a nice thing to have If you have a big screen and a projector.
Plex integration would be nice too.

Needed keep downloaded subtitles via Infuse on NAS drive => Save. Infuse supports deleting files on NAS, so it couldn’t be problem to save subtitle file “moviename.srt” to same folder of the movie…

Any chance that you’ll make dark mode properly black for iPhone X ?

This from James in a different post:

I suggested this feature almost a year ago. but it listed there since then as “Planned”. So I think it will be available next decade :slight_smile:

Planned: Variable playback speed

YES YES YES!!! Please!

Great new update! The Metadata fetching is really much faster now all the other stuff I’m going to test further thx :slight_smile:

UHD BD ISO access is really cool