Upcoming Features (updated 1/15/21)

We’re continuously working on new features and improvements for Infuse, and a sneak peek at some of the things we have planned can be found below. A complete history of past releases can be found here.

We’d love to hear about any other suggestions you may have, so please feel free to browse the Suggestions section to upvote items, or start a new thread with your own ideas. Thanks!

Note: Infuse Pro subscribers receive new updates automatically. :wink:

6.5.9 (releasing soon)

  • Added Gujarati localization - thanks Om!
  • Added authorization for public Emby requests
  • Option to skip InfuseSync Emby/Jellyfin plugin installation
  • Improved MEGA streaming reliability
  • Improved support for collections with Plex metadata agent
  • Fixed subtitles streaming via AirPlay
  • Fixed freeze when deleting movies downloaded from Plex
  • Fixed sorting of episodes during indexing

6.6.x (in progress)

7.0 (in progress)


  • SharePoint streaming
  • FTPS streaming
  • iCloud artwork sync
  • Enhanced support for embedded metadata
  • InfuseSync for macOS (scheduled scans & iCloud updates)
  • AirPods Pro Spatial Audio (researching)
  • Emby/Jellyfin multi-version videos
  • Trakt collections
  • Trakt lists
  • Philips Hue
  • HomeKit
  • Multi-user support
  • Versatile transcoding options for Plex/Emby/Jellyfin
  • Sleep timer
  • Many other exciting improvements
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Feature to change video streaming quality on Infuse
How to use folders and shuffle videos?

Located my movies folder and then waited for metadata to load. After successfully loading the metadata went back into my movies list however the movie disappeared.


Also I know this is just a beta but I’m hoping for a watched/unwatched list and maybe a liabrary to search by genre. Also Siri integration?

when i click on a file on my windows share (avi, mov, etc.), the movie does not begin to play!

Hello guys.

  •  Metadata covers from the file, is not passed onto the “folder” containing the file by default. Instead, it just shows the standard folder thumbnail. All folders are named as “The Movie Name (Year)”  I would expect this, as every single folder only contains a single movie file.
  • When opening a folder containing a single video file, it is always displayed as two files in the folder.
  • “Sort by date” in the settings, does not sort by date correctly. If a newer folder exists (by looking at the folder “created" date, or the "last changed” date, it somehow gets sorted elsewhere in my experience.
  • Opening a source with multiple folders seems a bit slow. Could it be “cached” somehow?
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It sounds like you are the favorite selection screen, which is a bit confusing right now if you’re using a language other than English.

This screen is actually only designed for selecting favorites. Favorites are what are shown in the main menu, and how you would actually access the video files.

To select a favorite, highlight a particular folder and hold the touch pad button until the popup appears.

All are planned for a future version. :slight_smile:

Do you by chance have more that one video in these folders, like a trailer perhaps? Any other files?

I believe sort by date only applies to actual files, at least for now.

This will depend a bit of your Wi-Fi signal strength. How many folders are we talking about, and how long is the loading time?

I can help for French translation if you want, and for issues that I’ve noticed, I have no idea how to connect my Trakt.tv account, but I’ll try in English, it will maybe make more sense…

I also have some error loading files with the “Dolby on HDMI” option enabled, an error message appears and after it plays the file but with a constant buzzing sound. When the option is disabled, files are working fine.

And also I don’t know if it’s a bug or a feature (as it’s also like that on iPhone/iPad app), but after loading metadata for some tv shows, these folders are at the end of the list, separated from the folders that are not treated yet. Is there any way to add an option to force the alphabetical order even for folders with no metadata?

But it’s working really great for a first beta, well done!

  • A folder containing a show with multiple seasons, does not show metadata in the favorites view. It seems as if only shows with one season, shows up as intended with metadata covers. But when opening the folder for the show with multiple seasons. All seasons does show a cover attached to the specific season.

So far, I am satisfied. Adding a few favorites worked well. Metadata was added fast. Playing a movie starts really quick.
What I miss is:

  • background picture on tv-show
  • option to choose subtitle size in pts instead of small/middle/big
  • smaller favorite buttons on home screen, sommore will fit without scrolling.

But overall: very great job, worth the wait

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A few comments…

  1. How do load/add subtitles during playback of a movie?
  2. When you reach the bottom of your movie library (Z) why does it stop and not scroll back to A?, it takes forever to scroll back to the top again.
  3. The metadata edit feature is much better and easier to select the correct title. I only had maybe 10 were incorrect from a library of over 700 movies.
  4. It would be nice if you could add some artwork for the “Share” (Favourites) folder, a large box with a “Star” for them all is rather bland.
  5. I also preferred the “share” folders to be displayed at the very top of the main screen, rather than having to click to go back each time. (as in old ATV 2)
  6. I preferred the metadata artwork to be displayed against a Black background rather than the mid grey. (as in old ATV 2)
  7. It would be nice if you could refine the library by Genre, Year, Decade etc…
  8. It is possible to add the resolution (720, 1080p etc…) of the movie somewhere? maybe where the “Play” “Edit” “Rate” is?

That’s it for now, I will start checking playback and any other issues…

Same thing here.

Do you by chance have more that one video in these folders, like a trailer perhaps? Any other files?
No, i checked this.
All folders only contain a single file. And some folders contain subtitles too.


I believe sort by date only applies to actual files, at least for now.[/quote]
Ok, that explains it then. :slight_smile:


This will depend a bit of your Wi-Fi signal strength. How many folders are we talking about, and how long is the loading time?[/quote]
Above 1000 folders in a single source. The source is on a gigabit ethernet connection, and the ATV4 is using WIFI 5Ghz band with an above 300 mbit download and upload speed ( I checked ) as the 100Mbit ethernet on the device seems is slower.
The Loadtime is about 25 seconds long…

Search by folder name would be great. Right now all of the movies that are not being recognized is because it is searching embedded data on the file? Names don’t appear as the file name, I have to edit and fix the metadata.

thanks James, is now working!!

It sounds like you are the favorite selection screen, which is a bit confusing right now if you’re using a language other than English.

This screen is actually only designed for selecting favorites. Favorites are what are shown in the main menu, and how you would actually access the video files.

To select a favorite, highlight a particular folder and hold the touch pad button until the popup appears.[/quote]

So far so good!

Would like:

List View. This would make scrolling through large numbers of files much quicker. This is already an option in iOS version.

Don’t sort folders then files. Have them continuous, so everything is in strict alphabetical order.

Other than that, I love it!

TV Shows with more than one season are shown as simple folders.
Those folders are taken into account when sorting by date, they’re always at the top.

Installed and working here. A technical question if I may… When I play non-H.264 video, does Infuse have to transcode to H.264 first, or can it send decoded video direct to the HDMI?

In other words if I play an MPEG-2 or AVI for example, is it:

a/ MyVideo.avi -> Infuse -> H.264 -> HDMI, or

b/ MyVideo.avi -> Infuse -> HDMI

Curious to know if Apple lets you send raw video out or only H.264.

Not on the beta but I’ve heard that the app does not respond to the 10 second forward/remind feature when you touch the glass trackpad to the left and right. Well this feature be added before the release. This seems like an essential feature.