Upcoming features needs clarification

They make no mention of the platform those features will be available on. Furthermore they are so vague you have no idea if they will support direct mode only or library only etc
Can we have better announcements than these in the future?

Are you looking for Infuse Release Notes | Firecore?
The release notes clearly describe what changed for each platform.

I mean the thread in the Suggestions forum. It’s written in a way to give you the impression that every next release will be packed with features. However it is often edited and it’s worded vaguely so that when that next release comes it completely featureless.
Take for example sorting options. I think there are now months since they announced it yet it barely made it -and I think it’s only for Plex -and I think only in direct mode. Honestly it’s becoming quite tedious to follow this.

The first post about sorting options actively being worked on was April 9th this year. So hardly months.

No it really isn’t. Everyone else seems to understand it and appreciates knowing what’s currently being worked on.

You really would be better sticking with Emby where you get to hear about absolutely nothing in advance that is planned for the future. Apart from of course when you are told over on their forums (as you were already) that Emby have zero intention of adding any Profile 8 Dolby Vision support. But at least the sorting options are robust.

This seems to be a bit rude of an answer.
First, stating that I like something and agree with it. Unless I’m not part of everyone.
Second, that is no way to answer a customer with and issue.

This forum is user supported. The only “employee” of Firecore responding to posts is @james, any other reply you get is from another user like yourself not a representative of Firecore.

It’s difficult at best to respond to a post without possibly being misinterpreted since you don’t have the luxury of voice inflections but users can still voice their opinions.

Sorry Infuse, my misunderstanding in second point. First point was correct.