Up Next stopped working

Up Next (the top row in Infuse) used to show the ‘up next’ episodes of tv shows I’m currently watching. Very convenient!

It used to work in Infuse 5.7 connected to Plex as the content server.
It stopped working in 5.7.1 or 5.7.2: it only shows Recently Added items now.

In 5.7.3 I tried completely removing my library, deleting Infuse, installing again, connecting to Plex again, connecting to Trakt again. Switching iCloud sync on and off.
Nothing seems to work.

Any ideas?

Go to SETTINGS > Up Next List > Make sure that either “On” or “Watching Only” is selected

Yep that’s the case. Neither option makes it work.

“Watching Only” => nothing is showed
“On” => only Recently Added is showed

With it switched to on, try watching part of a series episode and then exit the video and see if it shows then in the up next list.
Also, make sure your not connected via DLNA.

I can confirm as well this feature is not working. Have tried watching a partial episode and nothing.

How are you connected to the share?

Connected with Plex (logged in with my account, so not DLNA).

Same as bram_…its a Plex share.

That’s because 5.7.3 infuse introduced Plex on deck to start watching the next TV episode.

On deck unfortunately is not integrated with the the up next list but a separate list (on deck) on the homepage, on deck also does not show up on Apples Top shelf. I remember infuse mentioning they had a problem integrating on deck to the up next list therefore made a separate list.

One tip I can give you, although not elegant for starting the next TV episode from the up next list, is if you watch the next tv episode for a second then stop it the TV season should then pop up on the up next list so the next time you want to watch that TV season it will be there.

But right now with Plex integration to start the next TV episode you’re supposed to use the on deck list on the infuse homepage.

Using smb or nfs uses the up next list to start the next episode just not the Plex integration.

Personally i think infuse should add an on deck category in the up next list like recently added.

I know you might not like it but I Hope this help.

I said something similar to this user as well

I was under the impression 5.7.3 did that. Unfortunately not.

The On Deck list was implemented in 5.7.2 and I read on a Facebook group that .3 fixed it’s integration with Up Next. Guess not :frowning:

Yeah sorry meant 5.7.2, No unfortunately not 5.7.3 was iCloud sync and subtitle handling stuff.

Also Apple top shelf is such a useful feature but annoyingly there’s no on deck category like the Plex app.

We’re looking into an option for adding a 3rd section for On Deck to the Up Next list, and hope to have more news soon.

For now, you can access On Deck via the Library item, and create a favorite/list which will display it on the home screen.

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Awesome new James, thanks!

Thanks for considering it!
Would be great.