Up Next List is still not working

I use Infuse 5.8 on two Apple TV and on my iPad.
The Up Next List is configured on all devices to show only movies or tv shows which are “in-progress”.
But very often, movies appear in the up next list, that are already watched.

to make them disapear, I have to mark them as unwatched and than as watched again.

But if I now start Infuse on an other device, where the same movie may be also in the up next list, this device will sync its up next list to all other devices. So in the end I will have already watched movies again in the up next section.

I think there is a general bug in the up next logic, that will show movies, which are marked as watched, in the “in-progress” section.
And if you use iOS and tvOS devices, this will make a complete mess.

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We’re looking into a few reports of this, and if you have a chance to send in a report from your device it could be helpful in tracking down what’s going on.


I got the problem again, but missed to send in a report.
But I have a way to reproduce it.

I use Infuse 5.8.6 on my Apple TV 4K and my iPad,
I watched a movie on my apple TV and stopped the playback at about 25 Minutes.
Later that day I came back to resume the playback. The movie was in the Up Next List as “in progress”. I watched the movie to its end and the movie disappeared from the Up Next List.

Again later I used Infuse on my iPad. After the library refresh, the movie was in the Up Next List on the iPad as “in progress”. Showing the playback position at 25 Minutes, which was the position I stopped playback on the Apple TV.

As far as I have understand, the Up Next List and the playback positions of interupted playbacks is synced via iCloud.
Maybe this information is synced between devices, even though a movie is finished?

Still the same, even with the 5.9.1 on Apple TV and iOS.
Movies that are completely watched and marked as watched show up in the up next list, which is configured to only show movies and tv series that are currently in progress.

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Same prob… Very very annoying…