Up Next List empty after selecting Watching Only

When I select the option Watching Only for the Up Next List in the settings the Up Next List is completely empty, but when I change it back to the default On everything appears again. This includes video’s I’m currently watching. This seems like a bug.

Hmm, are these local files or are they being streamed from somewhere?

If streamed, are you using Plex?

Yes, they are being streamed from Plex.

I found a workaround for the problem that could help pinpointing the bug. If I log out from Trakt the problem I mentioned is fixed.

I have the same problem. Connected to Plex and with Trakt logged in no Up Next List. When I log out of Trakt it works.

Silly question - Have you also got the track plugin installed in plex as well as turned on in infuse? As soon as I installed th plugin on plex and had Trakt enabled in infuse it worked well for me and still does. Initially I did not install the plugin on Plex and had many watch sync issues.

I don’t and with Plex dropping support for Plugins I am not sure that is the best long term fix.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

I had these issues using both the Trakt plugin for Plex and Trakt in Infuse. I can check if it somehow got fixed in the mean time.