Up next keeps changing version of a show without prompt

Happening with doctor who, for a weird reason it just switches to german in the up next (which always only shows the episode alone, not entire season). I have to search for the show and it comes back into up next then randomly switches when i open infuse later on.

Using an ATV4K 3rd gen, updated infuse. Thanks for any input!

Infuse doesn’t support multiple versions of television shows (and I don’t even think multiple version recognition of movies takes into account audio language or country of origin).

I am assuming you have copies of Dr. Who episodes in both German and another language (perhaps the original British English)?

And these are different files, not just different audio tracks on the same file?

I’m going to suppose your issue lies in the fact that both the English and German versions of each episode are identified by TMDB (and thus Infuse) as the exact same content. TMDB (add thus Infuse) does not think multiple copies of the same episodes of the same show are different titles simply because the primary audio tracks have changed.

Therefore, as long as you have both versions in your collection, and both are indexed in the library, it will be a completely random “decision” which one of the two is selected to be the next episode in the series to play.

I’d suggest if you only want to watch episodes in one language, remove the episodes in the other language from the Library.

And perhaps use the Library (where you have access to the season selector) interface to begin watching the shows. You need not get bounced out to the Up Next list if you begin watching a show from the Library.

I’m not a Dr Who expert but you may want to check the “Language” settings in Infuse which have recently changed in how they work. If that series was originally in German and you’ve got the options set for “Original” then that may explain it.

I unfortunately do not have the ability to remove the other version, as its a friends library. It used to ask me which version i wanted to play (german had higher bitrate) but that may have changed.

I’ll definitely change that, but doctor who is originally in english. Ty !

I seem to remember something about long pressing on the play button when you have multiples to get a list of available versions. I may be misremembering or totally short on my coffee for the day but that may be worth a try too.

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Only get play shuffle and repeat unfortunately. Just happened again haha. It wouldn’t be so annoying if it didnt remove the entire season and give me just a standalone german episode, still had english audio available. Ah well

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Did you try accessing the series from the Library, or via the Folders Browser (avoiding Up Next)?:

From the Library when you enter the show you should see two copies of each episode on the selection bar. You should be able to tell from the metadata or the filename at the very bottom which version is which.

From the Folders Browser you should find different folders for each version of the series.

You can also turn off the “auto select next” and “continuous playback” features — and choose yourself which episode to play each time the previous episode ends.

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If you saw his library you’d know how much of a hassle it is to go through the folders haha, sorry! Searching is just easier. I’ll definitely try disabling those and see what happens. They are unfortunately not named differently, only put into diff folders (TV- Foreign) etc. Tysm for your time, i really do appreciate it.

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It is still worth checking the language setting as although Doctor Who is originally an english show, if your friend has a rip of a German source, German may well be the default language which I believe Infuse then classes as the original language.