Unwatched TV Shows Filter

Please can we have a new section added on Apple TV for Unwatched TV Shows, currently the Apple tv has a library favourite for unwatched movies, but not for unwatched tv shows. I think this section is already available on iPad, but i couldn’t see it anywhere on Apple TV. On the favourite/library row i could only see 1 tv show folder, which just takes you to all your tv shows, even showing me my empty folders (ie, shows ive watched in the past that still have a folder with show poster on my NAS but have no video files inside).

I just also wish that we could have greater filter sections for our favourite folders, we should be able to filter out a variety of things and that filter should be saved for each favourite folder just like how Kodi does it. One other thing that would be great is to change between poster view and list view also as per each screen/favourite folder just like how Kodi does and lets you have separate UI layout view for each section/favourite.

You need to show library then go into tv shows. You will have all, recently added, unwatched, genre, resolution. Press and hold on one to add as new favorite.


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