Unwatched TV Shows and Movies not displaying in Direct mode

I’ve been switching back and forth between Direct and Library mode trying to figure out what the differences are. So for the latest beta release, I switched to Direct mode on both AppleTV and Mac and have found that my Unwatched TV Shows and Unwatched Movies don’t appear in the Home screen.

I have Watchlist - , Unwatched TV Shows, and Unwatched Movies (in that order) selected for my Home Screen. However, in Direct mode, I see the Watchlist, but below that, all I see is “Home Screen is empty”. If I switch to Library mode, then I correctly see all three categories.

I think this bug has existed ever since 7.7 came out, but I’m only now identifying it as a Direct mode problem.

On another note, I still don’t fully understand what the difference is between Direct or Library mode. :slightly_frowning_face:

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If you are using Direct Mode, then the regular Infuse library categories will not be available.

Instead, you can pin lists you have created from the Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex server to the Infuse Home Screen.

Both Direct Mode and Library Mode have their own strengths, and a bit more info on the differences can be found in the release announcement here.

But there doesn’t seem to be the useful “Unwatched” lists for my server, or am I missing something? Also, I now see that the Unwatched lists I’ve been using are in the Library section - perhaps these should be removed or at least dimmed to indicate they’re not available.

I’ve read through the release announcement a few times, but just don’t understand what switching to Direct mode really does for me.

Direct Mode is useful for those with larger libraries, as it removes the need for Infuse to scan and cache details from the server.

In general, if you are happy with the way Library Mode works then there is probably no reason to switch to Direct Mode.

The only way I have found to view my unwatched movies in Jellyfin, is to go into the movie share and filter through the drop down menu. I have not found a way to create a seperate view though, so I’m not sure how I can create and pin a seperate “Unwatched Movies” view which I can then feed to Infuse.

James, will an “Unwatched Movies” view for Direct mode be coming in the next Infuse versions? This would really help.

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