Unwatched TV Show list not long enough

I don’t know if there is a way to fix this in the settings already (if it’s there I can’t find it) but my list of Unwatched TV Shows, which is ordered alphabetically, gets truncated (yes, I have many unwatched - Netflix took control of my life! :smiley: ). So it doesn’t fully satisfies its purpose of telling me watch to watch next.

One way to improve it (but I do understand it would need some major rewrite of some parts of code) would be to show only the TV Shows, splitting it only later (after selecting the TV Show) into the seasons. That would also be great when watching the last episode of a season, having Infuse moving to the first episode of the next season, instead of having to stop, go back, select the new season and so on (thing that I honestly never liked about Infuse). Hopefully that’s coming at least in version 6? For the meantime, would it be possible to have an option to allow the full list to show? Technically it’s just a matter of counting them before displaying the list… I don’t see why there is the need for a hard limit.

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Any feedback, please?

If you go to Library > TV Shows > Long press on “Unwatched” and select “Add to Favorites” it will give you a Favorite on the home screen that lists of ALL unwatched TV episodes by series/season

Just be prepared to give it some time to grab all the info since it’s looking at ALL of your TV episodes.

Ok, thanks. The problem is that I have already added it as a list and I don’t like it as a favourite. I like to scroll them from the main page. For the other lists I use a limit may make sense. Not so for the “Unwatched TV Shows”. It really would make more sense to get the number of unwatched TV shows first, and then show the full list. The method to count them is there already, the returned value should just replace the hard coded constant limit. I did it myself in a prototype app for tvOS I developed, it doesn’t take much. Just some more RAM, but there is plenty.

For now my workaround is to go via the Library, which I always had showing as a favourite. And then maybe start the first episode of a season I want to watch soon, so it goes to the “Currently watching” list. But it’s a bit… intricate.

An unlimited list on the home page would take forever to load each time with the graphics required for people with a TV show library of any size, having it as a favorite is a single click on the home page and will give you the same as if you had to keep swiping on a list at the bottom. The home page is already starting to show the effects of the increased display requirements so a list limit for the home page makes sense.

Sorry, but that isn’t true. The lists in my prototype app are even 800+ items long (I show on different lists my already watched episodes, movies and tv shows getting the data from Trakt). What takes the most is to download the video banners from TMDB, due to the annoying 40 calls to TMDB’s API every 10s limit. But once they are cached on mass storage (as they should be in Infuse, when we build the metadata library) and even better in RAM, it’s a breeze. I fast scroll at 60fps (I use WatchdogInspector, which I ported to tvOS: GitHub - Michelasso/WatchdogInspector: Shows your current framerate (fps) in the status bar of your iOS app) with the banners all loaded.

Or you may check the (free) app “Watcht”. Login with Trakt, go profile/History and show all your Movies & Shows. Then scroll. Again, the limit is the access to TMDB (or whatever else they are using). Indeed you’ll see banners appearing after seconds if not minutes. But once the banners are all local the scrolling is immediate. It’s indeed heavier for the app to load all movies/unwatched TV Shows/whatever in a matrix in a full screen from Favourites than in a row, being that there are more elements on display. Still I just checked and they load quite fast. Just some banners may flash changing from the grey icon the first time.

This because the collection views only show a fixed number of banners per instant, the ones fitting in the screen. And there is no need to preload all data for the lists. As it works in tvOS/iOS with Collection/Table views one usually just loads what’s needed, and that gets also discarded from RAM once hidden (unless one caches it as I do for testing).

I have requested this feature before and it’s been put into the suggestions section, please upvote :slight_smile:

Unwatched TV Show Improvements