Unwatched screen is showing watched movies

Expected behavior
Only movies that haven’t been completely watched should be in the list on the Unwatched screen.

Actual behavior
I see movies that haven’t been started and movies that are in progress. This causes movies that I rewatch and don’t complete to show up on the list. For example, I’ve seen 2001: A Space Odyssey many times but it is still showing up on the unwatched list because I’m half way through a rewatch.


If the movie is partially watched then it should still show as unwatched since it has “unwatched” time. If you’ve never started it the the entire movie is “unwatched” and should also be in the unwatched list.

Infuse doesn’t track how many times you watch a movie so it will show all partially watched as unwatched (unfinished).

What you’re seeing is correct behavior. :wink:

If you’re going to rewatch a movie and quit before it finishes then just remember to click the “mark as watched” button when it returns to the pre-playback screen.