Unwatched / New File View for Folder Schemas

I’d like to suggest a new view for the media player. Today, all of my (TV) content is located on a partition on my main machine and it is separated by individual folders, and then additional folders for each season. Because of the folder structure, (I thought everyone was this particular) I have no idea when a new file has been added via Sick Beard or otherwise. In addition to Grid/List, I’d love to have a view that specifically showed me all unwatched content or uncompleted content across my main TV folder.

I have an appleTV 2, 5.1 jailbroken with Seas0nPass and I’m using the latest media player version. 

Some of this will actually be possible in the upcoming Library View.

The unwatched view sounds like a great idea too - I’ll see if we can make that happen.

+1 on the “Unwatched” or “In Progress”