Unwatched Movies list is missing some Unwatched movies

Infuse pro 7.3.2

I just compared my Unwatched movies list, which I’ve pinned to my Home Screen, to the movies view I have saved on my plex app, which filters to only show unplayed movies. I’m seeing more Unplayed movies in that view on plex than I am in the Unwatched list in infuse. Shouldn’t I be seeing ALL Unwatched movies?

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I believe that when you pin the list to the home screen you only get 29 movies and then a “See All” box at the end. If you select the See All don’t you get a new screen where you can scroll through all of your unwatched movies?

Yup, I do see the full list when I switch views, but in the Home Screen it seems like random movies are missing from it. The third movie on the list on plex, for example, is missing from the infuse list on the Home Screen. (both are sorted by release date). My expectation would be that the lists would be identical, at least up to the 29 item limit.

Is the list on the infuse front page actually in alphabetical order instead of release date?

Nope, it’s definitely release date.

Is it just the one movie in the first 29? Just trying to figure out what the difference may be. I wonder if Infuse and Plex are seeing two different release dates some how.

There are at least 10 missing on the Home Screen list.

Check to see that those missing files were actually identified correctly by Infuse. If you have local metadata and artwork it might hide from you the fact Infuse actually scraped the info incorrectly (due to your local filename containing a wrong release year, per TMDB, or an alternate title used, or simple typo). If two movies scrape as one in the background, (say one correctly identifies but the other incorrectly identifies as a second copy of the first) your list can be one short for each miss-match. With the local metadata overriding scraped info for movie names and poster/fanart images, it might be hard to tell. But wrongly scraped titles will be missing when you search for movies based on other qualities, such as cast and crew or series membership.

Out of 3000 plus movies, I had many dozens silently identify incorrectly until I went back and fixed my filenames (sometimes needing to even edit TMDB when less-known movies got hijacked by more popular ones even when the name and date were correct). The easiest way I’ve found to identify which files are scraping incorrectly was to rename all my local metadata file extensions (.nfo > .nxx, .jpg > .jxx) before re-importing all files into Infuse so that Infuse would display only the metadata it collects and then look for unidentified titles in “OTHERS” and then scan through the list of identified titles, one by one, looking for unfamiliar movie names and/or poster images.

Did you figure it out !!?
It seems like it’s the same issue I’m having and I’m not even using Plex